Heart talks

Missing list….

How beautiful was those days…. hmmm…. I wish, if those days came back….

Many of us may had such thoughts at least once in our lifetime…. Lets recollect them with my “MISSING LIST….”



I am blessed with lots of friends. Just think, if you are taking your last breath in front of someone….  If he/she try their best to get back you to your life…. Then that is your friend….”

I still miss my old friends…. Even if you have a lots of friends now in your life, you still starve for those ones that made an impact in your heart.




Each and every corner of our home belongs to us…. Ha ha….! Say yes….!

When i got upset, i love to sit in front of my home alone for sometime. That calm breeze takes away my sorrows and make me smile. I cried on my pillows when i got sad and they treated me as my loved one to wipe my tears. When i felt happiness, i sit in upstairs of my home and plug in my favorite songs. I love my home. But somehow we have to leave our home. Girls have to live with their husbands. Boys leave their home for job opportunities. So it should be in our missing list for sure.




Each member of our family had made us a better person. They permanently tattooed some sort of memories inside our heart. Whether its a bad or good one, it definitely passes through our mind when we think about them. We miss them. I would love to go back and spend time with my family, especially with my mom. Now i know how difficult is to raise a child with good manners. So we should thank our moms for being nice to us.



How many of you miss those dishes made by your mom??? I had some favorite foods in my childhood. Now i can make that in my own style or i can copy her recipe. But still i miss that one made by my mom. It seems to be wrapped with lots of love. So missing list must consider those dishes.





When i joined my school i never thought that i would miss each and every day inside there. Same with the college. Everyone may have some favorite spots inside their school and college where they love to spend more of their time.

But at some point we will realize that every part of the college had taught you something new and we would like to click the pause button and rewind those moments to live it again. I am happy that i had an amazing school and college life which i always want to treasure inside my heart.


So that is about my missing list….

Do you have your own missing list??? Then share it with me in the comment box below the post.

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3 thoughts on “Missing list….”

  1. I terribly miss childhood hangout places. You know when time passes everything around us will changes. The place around us changed a lot. The paddy field usually play and several other things around us changed and now changing.


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