Love is a mystery; Be honest, please….

Hey guys….. I am confused about these loving couples…. Let me share you my friend’s story….

My friend Arshad had a lover in the college…. There was so much love between them…. After getting the job, his lover married his friend (Arshad’s friend)

Before getting late, Arshad married someone else…. And the most exciting thing is he told me that he still loves his ex-girlfriend….

So what about his wife??? She is playing the role of joker I guess….

I understood one thing from that…. If you are husband/wife, it doesn’t mean your partner loves you…. I am not telling every couples are like this…. I have friends who married their love and living wonderful life….

I am thinking about those wives who believes that they are the love of his partner’s life….. And also about those husbands who love his wife unconditionally….

Its all about our fellow little heart who knows everything…. Every secrets of us…. It is the game of our mind that can handle any situations in our life….

In our heart we want to be friendly with someone else, but due to the unfavorable situations we end up in another person…. Similar thing happens in lovers also…. But inside our heart, we love them deeply and don’t want to express the feelings….

Some husband/wife have to live their life with the person who love someone else or may not love them at all….

So I want to tell you all that please be honest in love…. If you don’t love anyone, don’t be with him/her…. Tell him the truth…. If you love someone else or if you don’t feel anything for the person, then tell them frankly.

Don’t let them travel in the dark….

Give them the sunshine to live their life which is given by god….


14 thoughts on “Love is a mystery; Be honest, please….”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Honesty is essential! Without honesty, there is no trust. I don’t lie, and I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship based on lies.

    I was married at 18 to a very nice young man. We had a lovely daughter together. That marriage lasted for 18 years and ended with an amicable divorce. I always considered him a part of my family and remained on good terms with him. My second marriage which, was very happy, lasted 18 years until my husband died. I was alone for 12 years, trying to adjust to his death and raising our two children. At 65, I met a wonderful man online. We have been together for six years. I am glad he is always honest with me, even when we disagree.


  2. a optimistic ideology Nabeela.In a perfect world people would be honest,but remember that the honesty would extend into the very social fabric as well & that would be disastrous! We lie to avoid confrontations. I don’t agree with it but it is what it is.Humans have been that way for thousands of years & I expect them to continue bing that way for many more.

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