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Why i hate mondays….

Is there anyone who like Monday??? I mean Monday is not that bad at all…. But still some of us hate Mondays…. It is because it comes after Sunday…. Hi… hi…. You didn’t get me???

I hate Mondays from my school time itself…. I want to share the reasons why its like that….

  • Difficulty to recover from holiday mood….

Do i am the only person who feel difficulty to recover from the holiday mood!!! I don’t know why??? Sunday night is really a crucial time for me…. I don’t want to close my eyes for sleep on Sunday…. Even if I get a sleep, it would never be that good…. Why Sunday cannot be long enough!!! Hmmm….

  • Lots of things to do….

Omg!!! So many pending works…. There are so much to do…. I don’t have energy for this much things!!! Its freaking me out!!!

Ha ha…. These are the common sentences that pass your mind on Mondays…. Right???

  • Far from the things we love to do….

We all have some favorite things to do in our life…. We love the moments that we share with our loved ones…. But Monday ruins everything…. I hate the feeling of being separated from my favorites….

I would love to hear about your view about hating Mondays…. Share it in the comment box below….

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