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The adventurous Saugatuck….

Saugatuck is one of the places that I can call as adventurous…. Don’t know why i think so….

After explaining my saugatuck journey, let you guys decide whether its adventurous or not….

Saugatuck dune rides

Do you have any idea about dune rides??? If not, let me explain briefly…. It is just like the name itself, a ride through the beautiful dunes and forest like a roller coaster.

So guys, lets scream together since i am gonna share my experience of dune rides…. If you want to book the tickets online, then go through the link below….

Reaching there, i waited for my batch to be called. We have to show our pass and then the rider will explain the safety rules. They will tight the seat belts.

Sand dune ride truck

The interesting part about the journey is the rider. The one we got was such a funny and cool guy. The way he described each and everything that we will see in the path, Omg!!! Awesome….

Cool rider of our truck

Once we reached the upper part, we got some time to get down and take pictures…. And also our rider and another person started singing…. Hi hi….

Journey through the dunes

The journey through the dunes was marvelous…. But then the second part i liked the most which was through the forest…. That was breathtaking…. Overall the dune rides are worth your money and time….

Journey through the forest

If you visit saugatuck, don’t miss it…. I dare you guys….

Saugatuck chain ferry

Don’t think it as a long ride….!!! Its just the way of people to cross the water. It pulls towards Kalamazoo river and reaches the trail walk of oval beach.

Saugatuck chain ferry


Mount bald head park

We climbed the 300 steps of mount bald head park. I felt like my workout for one day is complete (hi…hi)

Then there is a sandy descent which leads to oval beach.

Mount bald head park entrance

So guys, my favorite one in the trip was sand dune ride. I think it makes the saugatuck adventurous. What do you think???

Share your thoughts in the comment box below….

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