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Fall colors…. M22 Scenic Drive….

Why fall season is one of the favorite among all the seasons???

I will tell you why….

In the end of the post you will get the answer…..

2 weeks before, I went for M22 Scenic Drive in Michigan…. Let me explain about my journey….

What is M22 ???

M22 driving route in the map

It is a 116 mile stretch of highway that passes along the Lake Michigan and through the scenic countryside of Manistee, Benzie and Leelanau counties. It leads us to see the beauty of fall colors through out the drive….

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

It is a scenic route which passes through Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lakeshore in Northern Michigan. The roads are in one direction so you can experience the beauty of the yellow, orange shades of leaves of trees in intense. At some point trees are so dense and their branches have grown to the opposite direction of the road which looks like tunnel.

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive Entrance

This scenic roadway is extended to 7.4 miles through forest and dune areas between Empire and Glen Arbor (M-109 of Leelanau county).

Covered bridge of Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

After getting into the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, you can explore the Covered Bridge, Overlook of Glen Lake, Lake Michigan and Sleeping bear Dunes. In fall season, the Covered Bridge looks more beautiful.

Market 22

Inside the M22 Market

Good food is very important when we go for a road trip. But Market 22 is more than that. It is a nice place to spend time with family. It is famous for Detroit style pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. It is one of the highly rated restaurant in maple city.

Search the board while driving….

Location :-

497 East Harbor Highway,

Maple city, MI


Arcadia Overlook

When you drive North through Manistee county on the highway M22, there is a spot called Arcadia Overlook. It is an elevation on one side of the Lake Michigan Shores by a wooden trail. You will feel ears pop as you climb up the wooden steps.

Arcadia Overlook Wooden Trail

To capture an amazing top look, climb up the 120 steps of the Arcadia overlook.

Empire Bluff Trail

Empire Bluff Trail

This is a 1.5 mile round trip trail which gives an awesome view of the Lake Michigan and Sleeping bear dunes Lakeshore. You have to walk through the forest to reach the top of the trail.

Initial Overlook (One of the photo spot)

For more clarity of the overlook, you have to climb the Empire bluff hiking trails (A few steps more and its worth it).

View after climbing the Empire Bluff hiking trail


Pumpkin Ed

Have you seen giant pumpkins???

Giant Pumpkin at Pumpkin Ed

What is the use of this giant pumpkins???

For all the questions going through your mind, you have to go to Pumpkin Ed.

Location :-

722 Leelanau Ave, Frankfort, MI

It is the passion of Ed Moody which made people to call him “Pumpkin Ed.”

Giant pumpkin carved for Halloween

He carves giant pumpkins for Halloween. People from different places come to see his giant pumpkins. He spends day and night to carve pumpkin for Halloween visitors.

So thats about the fall colors….

What season you like the most??? 

Share it in the comment box below….







34 thoughts on “Fall colors…. M22 Scenic Drive….”

  1. thanks for sharing your trip. I like the photos. I plan to go there this October. Which dates did you pick to visit M22?


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