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Port huron ; Calm and Peaceful….

Peace of mind is important for our existence…. What all things make your mind calm??? 

Write your suggestions in the comment box below….

I have a suggestion…. Spend time in a beach…. We feel our burdens less after visiting a beach…. I have been to Port Huron beach last year….

Let me share my experience I had in Port Huron….

So as always lets jump into the topic…. (Hi… hi…)

Lighthouse Beach

This beach is a complete package for whole family. 900 feet of waterfront with a historic park and picnic area, what else we want for an amazing trip??? There is a light house nearby which is an added benefit.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Kids can play in the sand (I suggest to take sand play toys for extra fun for kids). You can dip your toes to enjoy the seducing beach. Kids those who can swim can play in the water with safety jackets. Swimming is risk since there is no lifeguard and the water currents are also strong there.

Port Huron Blue Water Bridge

In the beach side, there are benches to sit and you can do fishing also. Simply walking with the cool breeze in the beach side is interesting. You can see the beautiful Blue Water Bridge view on one side. The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse enhance the beauty of the beach.


Those who want to capture the beauty of Port Huron from Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, can climb the 94 iron stairs.  

Boat house by Kate’s

If you are going for trips, you will definitely pack something to eat…. But for visiting Port Huron, you need not have to worry about it…. Because there is Boat House by Kate’s which is enough to settle down your hunger. It is situated near the beach. You can also enter the Boat house to get some amazing views of the beach. This restaurant is open from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.



Knowlton’s Ice Museum

This museum has gross collection of ice tools and implements that were used in old times. Along with that there are many different models of old cars and equipment’s.


Location :- 317 Grand River Ave, 2 blocks southeast of McMorran Place in downtown Port Huron


Raven Coffee House

I am a coffee person, so I usually search for coffee houses in the evening. (I will have ice cream if I don’t have mood to drink coffee…. Too bad…. I know!!!). Starbucks and McDonald’s are my usual places…. But I like to taste Latte from different coffee shops.


So in Port Huron, I found an awesome restaurant named Raven Coffee House. The coffee was great. Since it is a good place, you may see crowd (obviously). You have to wait a bit long but the way they treat us is really nice. I highly suggest this place for all the coffee lovers.

There is another famous museum named Thomas Edison Depot Museum which was closed at that time, So I couldn’t get into it.

I enjoyed my one-day trip to Port Huron very well….

Have you been to beaches??? What comes to your mind when you think about beaches???

Share it in the comment box below…..



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    1. I love looking at the dead end line of the beach and wonder who else might be sitting at the other end just like me๐Ÿค—


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