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Once I went for a Tulip Festival….

Have you heard of “Tulip Festival”??? 

The beautiful tulips spread its magic everywhere and Dutch’s celebrate it in their unique way…. Thats how we can describe tulip festival in one sentence….


I went for Tulip Festival last year in Holland…. It was a treat for my eyes…. 

Where can we see Tulip Festival???

It is held in several cities with Dutch heritage….

When is the Tulip Festival???

Mostly it starts from march mid (It varies in different cities, You have to check about the Tulip Festival in the specific city with google)

So let me share my experience with you guys….

Windmill Island Gardens

This is a lovely place to visit for tulip festivals. The dense tulips in the garden with a background of windmill will attract us with the beauty. A hand-painted Dutch carousel and children’s playground makes it a hangout place for family.


They provided Dutch cuisine which was interesting for me to explore (I love to explore different cuisines, I almost did, I guess…. hi….hi…)


These gardens are one of the perfect venue for weddings and special events…. 

Now they have Sky Cam also (Ooh….)


Kids will definitely enjoy this place since there is a play area for them. After walking around, I saw the picnic area and the beautiful fountain. (I forgot to capture the fountain in my camera, It is captured in my heart through my eyes…. hi…. hi….)


I missed the Dutch dance held at Downtown….(I spend more time in the Gardens, Its not my fault, It is that beautiful)

Have you been to any festivals???

How was your experience???

What comes to your mind when you think about festivals???

Share your thoughts in the comment box below….


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      1. That is great to hear Nabeela. The post is on my page. All you do is follow the format and layout. Yo can use the same logo I used just click on it and save in your document file or which one you want. Just trying to help you with this Nabeela. Just ask for help.

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  1. Oh how pretty, I would love to see something like this is person. When I was growing up they used to have fields and fields of flowers by my home. They were called the Japanese flower gardens here in Phoenix. They are all gone now, filled with apartments.

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