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Finally I Reached The Disney World….

Hey folks…. How are you all…. I couldn’t catch up with you for few weeks…. You know where I have been on last week??? Omg!!! I have to share the happiness….


Yup…. You got it right…. yeahhhhhh….!!!

Disney magic kingdom town

I paid much to get the tickets to make that dream come true…. But its ok…. I had a blast…. I was flying in heaven (Do you think I am overreacting – No guys, It was fun, Specially for kids…. I am not a kid, Thats right…. But I have that side also…Everyone have….. hi hi hi)

So without waiting, let me share my experience with you guys….

Disney world is a place where you can behave childish, a little bit…. You have to…. Thats the real fun….

I love animation movies, and my son is obsessed with Disney characters, So for him it was a real experience.

Disney springs toy store

It was a 3 day trip to Orlando, Florida. We reached there at night and nearby there was a colorful and heartwarming Old town which was decorated with amazing and adventurous rides.

Carousel ride

I don’t know how many people know about the hidden gem Old town in Kissimmee, Orlando. But it is worth for a night outing. There are many options for tickets, I took the $10 for two rides. He enjoyed the Carousel ride and the Ferris wheel ride. You must go there, Many interesting and adventurous rides for adults. I couldn’t get into the rides since we had a flight journey hangover which is obviously the worst thing I like.

Old town, Kissimmee

We had dinner from Chipotle, nowadays my favorite place to eat and I used to order bowl with rice, beans, more sour cream, tomatoes and chicken….(I love the sour cream).

If you are staying in Kissimmee, then its the best, because all the famous restaurants and shopping places are nearby. I stayed in super8 by wyndham specially to taste food from the famous Denny’s restaurant. Have you heard about it??? You must go once. You will get yummy pancakes there or either you can choose your menu.

Many of you guys those are focused in Disney world alone, can stay there but for me everything is important….

Before planning for the trip to Magic kingdom, you must download the Disney app and you can book 3 fast passes. What is fast pass??? There are two lines in front of each ride, One normal line and fast pass line. Those who have fast pass can stay in the fast pass line which can be redeemed by your Disney card. You can get fast passes even on staying in a line. Thats interesting, isn’t it??? Sometimes the fast pass line will be big so take accordingly…. Disney app will show all the information that you want to plan the trip…. So do install it in your cellphone….

You can get the Disney visa cards from the Disney springs….There is one ticketing center there, from where we got it easily….

Disney springs toy store

Disney springs adds beauty to the town and you can get the best Disney toys for reasonable price from there. At night time, it is an awesome experience to walk through the Disney springs with the pretty lighting. I got to see a magic show there which I enjoyed a lot.

Disney springs night walk through the bridge

I also got chance to taste food from the World food trucks in Kissimmee. All the foods are tasty there….

Entrance of World food trucks

There is one Boardwalk in Kissimmee, which let you loosen a bit to enjoy the river side and kids will love the sand plays there. The cruise ride from Boardwalk connects the Epcot and Hollywood studios. And you can reach both the destinations easily from the boardwalk with the cruise ride….

Cruise ride from Boardwalk
Disney’s Boardwalk

Next day at 8 am, we started to Disney Magic Kingdom and its nearby. You have to pay $25 for parking. Then you can either walk or you may go in the tram. I preferred tram ride which was good (but I think walking is much better since you will reach there early….hi hi)

Then you have to get into the security checking area. On reaching the checking area, you will notice one thing…. what???, There are no machines, they are humans and takes much time for checking and will take everything out from your bag and will make you in difficulty to set everything back. Not that worse…. But still I expected machines there, Don’t know why!!! My problem…. Leave it…. After that you can take a monorail ride to reach the entrance of Magic Kingdom….

Magic kingdom castle

But On getting inside you will see the beautiful castle…. Oh my god!!! There are no words to explain the castle…. The castle you may have seen in the Disney movies in front of you…. That was an overwhelming moment in my life (Don’t make me cry folks, I am so happy to witness it).

Next without flowing in the mesmerizing beauty of the castle, you have to look for the rides that you booked early and then wait for your turn.

Winnie the pooh ride ; An inside picture

First we entered Winnie the pooh ride since me and my son are huge fans of the pooh. The one thing I liked the most on staying in the line is that there are so many playing things for kids(I didn’t took fast pass for it). It was really helpful for me to engage my son without becoming cranky. The ride was good and we can experience the story with the real characters in front of our eyes.

The Barnstormer

Next we got into the Barnstormer ride, which is kind of the miniature form of roller coaster. It was the first time my son getting into such a ride. I thought he may cry but he enjoyed it. He got so much excited and were ready for next ride.

Haunted Mansion

Then we chose the Haunted mansion.… It was scary but moreover we loved the arrangements they have made inside.

Pirates of Caribbean

My husband’s favorite is The Pirates of Caribbean. That was amazing and I loved to see Jack….

Next was The famous Seven Dwarfs Train. I was a little bit confused whether we are ready for it or not. But my husband ensured that its safe and I thought that kids are allowed so it won’t be that adventurous. But after the ride we were flying and laughed…. It was the best. It is adventurous….!!!

Dumbo ride

We went for Dumbo, the cutie elephant ride…. I never understood why they have kept a controlling knob in the front since we can’t control anything…. lol!!!

Mad tea party

Then the Mad Tea Party.… Oh!!! It was fun. We are mad…. Yes, we are….!!!

Mermaid story

The pretty Mermaid Story was a visual treat for us. Everyone loves the fairy tale story, don’t you???

Small town people ride

After lunch we went to small town people ride and it surprised me. Such a beautiful and pretty small people….

Magic carpets of Aladdin

The Magic carpet of Aladdin is also an interesting ride like the Dumbo….

Those who love nature Just like me can experience a joyful ride through the Jungle through the boat which is another ride there. You can see animals…. The water falls…. And there I saw an interesting picture which I liked so much. I am gonna share it with you. Lets see whether you like it as much as I did!!!

The picture I mentioned above

Peter Pan’s Flight was also an interesting ride you should never miss….

Peter Pan’s Flight ride

But the one I don’t suggest there is the Mickey’s PhilharMagic…. I have seen many 4-D movies and I think this one was not that good. Even the 4-D glasses were too bad. And one more thing, there is no mickey in the film…. Thats so sad….

Meet Mickey Mouse ; Town Square Theater

You can meet mickey in the Town Square Theater and can take pictures with the character but you have to take the pass for it….


We couldn’t make it till the night since we got tired and left. I know it is beautiful to watch the lighting at night. Better luck, next time. Fingers crossed….!!!

Sky liner Journey

Next day we went to Hollywood studios thorough the sky linerΒ which is free of cost, Yup, you heard it, right…. It is kind of a transportation facility….

We didn’t had much time so just took some pictures and came back. While leaving we drive through the Disney designed town where the buildings looks nice and different. There was a park nearby, but lack of time, we rushed to the Airport.

I forgot to explain about Orlando…. Such a big airport. To get into the baggage claim, you have to get into the metro…. Yup….What an aiport….!!!

And another tip for those who takes rental cars to explore Orlando,Florida, you need a good map, big town…. You will definitely miss the exits….

There is one more important thing you should know before going for Orlando trip is that you need coins, You know why??? There are tolls in your way, so they will ask for coins. We didn’t know this before and got into trouble. so make sure you have enough coins…. Or else you can take the route without tolls but it is time consuming….

We bought two magnetic souvenirs from there, since it became a hobby for us to keep as remembrance.

That was my Orlando trip…. Did you guys enjoyed it???

Do you like Disney movies??? Share your favorite Disney movie in the comment box below…. (Mine is Incredibles and Toy story….)

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  1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…I love this post. I read everything from beginning to end. Disney is a great place to be and I will look forward to it.

    My favorite Disney movie is also Toy story.

    And yeah, thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it 🌺


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