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The virus between us….

I don’t know what you guys are doing…. But I am always trying to catch up with the news updates….. Situation is terrifying…. The deadly corona virus have taken the lives of many….

Daily I will think about how this is gonna end…. We have to improve our hygiene by washing our hands whenever we have a doubt that we are exposed to the virus…. Use disinfecting solutions to wipe the areas that you use daily…. And try to avoid to touch your face without proper washing…. Health officials are explaining the way of washing our hands and many more in their official websites….

Many people are not getting the essential items of protection such as masks, disinfecting wipes, etc… Government is trying their best to improve the situations….

I guess you guys are staying at home and following the rules accurately…. But there are some who don’t obey the rules and not taking the situation seriously…. Those are the viruses between us…. There is another bunch of people trying to use the situation to make money…. Some bought the essential items and sold them with high prices….

We can call such stupid people as viruses…. “THE VIRUSES BETWEEN US”


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