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Mistakes that we make while washing our hands….

The only way to avoid coronavirus attack from contaminated surface is by washing our hands properly…. You may know how to wash your hands by visiting the official website of WHO…. But there are chances of some mistakes while washing your hands….

Today lets discuss about the common mistakes and how to avoid it….

1. Right amount of soap

The amount of soap solution you take is important. It should be enough to make lather that covers both the hands.

2. Cleaning the nail buds

As per the instructions of WHO, the steps are explained broadly to wash your hands. But you have to be careful to get the lather inside the nail buds.

3. Washing between the fingers

You have to wash the lather in between the fingers by repeating the steps with water, Then only the foam will get wash away from between the fingers.

4. Time taken for washing

You can sing the happy birthday song twice or you can put a timer for 20 seconds.

5. Moisturize your skin before going to bed

Nowadays we might be washing our hands a lot and also the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer makes your skin dry. So before going to sleep, don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer….

If you want to add any new suggestions, drop it in the comment box below….

Stay home…. Stay safe….


14 thoughts on “Mistakes that we make while washing our hands….”

          1. Well, like everywhere, people in panic buying toilet paper, hand sanitizers, masks. Not like New York and I hope will not come to that. Doctors asking to close people at home here right away in order not to have same situation like in NY.


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