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Habits that you can develop during this lock down….

Staying inside home can make us really lazy…. So it is really important to keep up your mind and body, active….

Today I am gonna discuss about the habits you can develop during this lock down….

Reading books is a good habit you can attempt in these days. Many people have moved to digital readings. It is good for many reasons. But I suggest to read atleast few pages of an interesting book. This habit will make you better in long run. If you have kids, then you can read them stories.

Life is all about learning new things. You can utilize this lockdown time to study new online courses. You can also learn crafts and painting.

Some people are spending their time to prepare hand sanitizers and masks which must be appreciated. Those who have the resources, thank you so much for the effort.

You can also try some creative ideas inside your mind for your kids. I love to draw. You can make amazing paintings also. (In my case moreover my drawings are play toys for my son. But I am happy) You can make a doll with paper or anything. If you are out of ideas, then try anything new by watching you tube videos or reading blogs (Don’t forget to read my blog regularly….😜) Don’t spoil food by attempting new cooking recipes. Just follow the old ones you usually do.

Be happy and stay healthy…. Moreover this lockdown is a great time to spend time with your family. Those who work from home must focus in their work but still they can be with their family (In some point😎). I appreciate all those who work hard in these days like nurses, lab technologists, pharmacists, doctors, etc…. Hats off to them. Our prayers are always with each one of you. And we are safe here only because of you all…. Thank you so much guys….

Don’t forget to do exercises inside home….

Prayers for all….




11 thoughts on “Habits that you can develop during this lock down….”

  1. Great post! I’m ready to follow your blog because you have interesting and practical ideas. I don’t know that I’ve actually learned anything during this “house arrest” period other than realize how much time I wasted. I did try out new recipes and, of course, write a lot. Writing helped me keep my mind focused; I couldn’t concentrate long enough to read — I, an inveterate reader! What hurt the most has been closed churches, although I did discover EWTN both online and television. And I prayed and cried and prayed some more as I spent far too much time on CNN. This week, I am coming out of my cocoon (inside my house and garden).


      1. Hey great post, Nabeela. I have picked up a few good habits or may I say leftover habits. Got back with reading and exercising once in a while. The biggest change has been having healthy home-cooked food every single day. Just having meals at home all the time is surely nurturing our body and removing all the ill effects it had to go through while I ate out some times.

        Do check out my blog. There are some great content pieces on travel and lifestyle. Follow if you feel like :). Thanks and have a great day blogging.


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