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What I learnt from staying at home during the pandemic….

Stay at home order came up with mixed emotions…. For many, it was too hard, and many loosen up a little bit… But did you learnt anything during these days??? I do….

I would love to share what I learnt during the pandemic….


I am being hygienic in many aspects, but never thought deeply about how a virus enters the body….(I have studied about the spread, but didn’t follow🤪)!!! I never understood the pivotal role of hand washing with soap in my life…. Now I am more conscious about hygiene….

Flattening of a curve

You might be thinking, what the heck is this???
Those who go through the news daily may have heard about this term…. I have studied many curves in school and college, but the pandemic curve is the most dangerous…. 😜 We all are waiting to see the flattening of curve….

Beauty of nature

When stayed inside home for long, I realized how beautiful the nature was…. I am a nature lover…. Now,I feel like to go for a walk to see the beauty of trees, river, even the sand….

Holiday trips

We usually plan for trips, whenever we get some time…. I have shared my experiences of many trips in my previous posts….

Those who didn’t go through my posts, I have linked my trips below….

My Niagara trip :-


My Mackinac island visit :-


Trip to Frankenmuth :-


Saugatuck journey :-


Newyork trip :-


Cuyahoga fun :-


M22 Scenic drive in fall season :-


Port Huron trip :-


Tulip festival :-


Pictured Rocks :-


Visit to Disney World :-


Those who have already go through my posts, Thank you folks…. Love you guys…. 😍

You can share what all things you learnt on staying at home…. Drop it in the comment box below….



26 thoughts on “What I learnt from staying at home during the pandemic….”

  1. Nice post! Nature’s beautiful, I’ve learned over the time in this corona virus the importance of keeping busy at home socializing with family and friends on the internet and taking walks to enjoy nature and safely managing bills and grocery intake

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