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My to do list after lock-down….

This lock down is getting longer and I am having sleepless nights thinking about my loved ones. There is slight decrease in the numbers here, but not like it is gone. I am still scared when I go through the news since it is increasing in many other places. I don’t know when will this end. 

To get some relief I prepared a to do list that I wish to follow after the lock-down.

Daytime walk

Even if it is cold, I want to go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful nature. I love to spend time outside more with my son in better weather conditions. I will include more outdoor activities for him. I also miss those days when I used to walk to my friend’s home. I will start meeting my friend’s here and will expand my time with them.

Work out

I am not following a good workout routine now since I am not having a good mood due to this Covid fear. So If I survived this situation, I will hit the gym or try some outdoor and indoor workouts. I want to burn the lock down fat (I have named it like that).


Now I am not trying any new cooking ideas. I am just following the old ones that I used to do daily. But after the lock down, I will make effort to come up with new and different recipes.


I have long hair, and friends recognizes me with my hair. Before the covid situation, My friend attempted a new hairstyle on me. But this tense situation force me to go for a new short haircut. I wish I can say good bye to the current situation in that way (Prayers….)

So these are my wishes that I will fulfill for sure if I get through this situation. Apart from this, I am also interested on focusing more on my own life to become a better person.

If you want to share about your wishes, then don’t hesitate and write it in the comment box below….




22 thoughts on “My to do list after lock-down….”

  1. What I can’t wait to do is- get out of town and do something fun. I haven’t gone further than 2 miles from my home since mid-March. It will be nice to go out and do something fun- a book store would be fabulous.


  2. This is a fun post hun. As far as wishes for me, I wish to take more walks. Not just for health reasons, but for sanity ones. I have always been the kind of person who cooks new recipes, so that’s always fun for me. Looking through cookbooks and then adding a few unlisted items to personalize it. My newest thing is baking bread. Fingers crossed!

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  3. Great post!

    I will also go out, like out out out. 😅
    I will eat foods that I miss. Foods that I can’t get due to lockdowns.

    I will go take some files.
    I will go to church. I really miss worshipping in the church.

    I will help people, in my own capacities. I know that people might have a hard time trying to adjust.

    I will pray to God that this experience of covid would not come again on earth.
    And God should forgive man of his iniquities.

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