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What mom wants from a 3 year old….

Mom’s are different and they are unique. Each of them have different perspective about life. They have varying interests when it comes to their child’s life. They raise their kids in different ways. But there are some common facts that all the mom’s will agree. So today I thought about to write about what a mom wants for her kid.

So lets jump into the topic….

Healthy diet

Toddler’s always wants to eat cakes, pastries, ice cream and all sort of junks. But being a mom, I want my son to have a healthy diet daily. And I will be so happy if he eat veggies more. Mom’s struggles to make these guys to have a diet with all types of foods….

Enough sleep

When they start jumping around, the most important thing they try to avoid is sleep time. Kids are energetic and they wants to play all the time. But they need atleast 10 – 12 hours of sleep daily. I will jump with joy if my son gets enough sleep at night (without any nightmares)….

Potty trained

“Your son is fully potty trained…..” A mom’s precious moment when they hear it from inside. All those mess and wrestle counts joyful in that instant. Finally we can say good bye to the stinky diapers and can find your baby, a grown up person….

No Injuries

Toddlers are careless and they will climb here and there. This will result in injuries (obviously). Mom’s heart will break when her kid got hurt even though it is a small bump. So my dear baby, take care of yourself. You have a long life to live and there are so many obstacles on the way….

Kids are the greatest treasure,a mom can get and they makes her world happy. I am a proud mom of a 3 year old. For me he is always my tiny toes….

Those who wants to share their thoughts, comment it below….


6 thoughts on “What mom wants from a 3 year old….”

  1. I remember those years. My wife and I have three of God’s blessings, the youngest just turned 26. May the years of growth, for both you and your little one. Bring the heart of a mother, abundant blessings!


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