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Journey of a mom….

Happy mother’s day to all…. Today I thought about to share my journey of being a mom…. My son, shazil is 3 year old now…. I don’t believe how the time moved fast…. He is ready to join preschool…. Still can’t imagine….

One of the most difficut task in the world is to raise a child…. It is both mentally and physically challenging…. Mother’s day will give a smile in all mom’s face since they are admired for their struggles….

My journey of mom started when I hold that cute, tiny person in my hands…. Sleepless nights and exhausted day become charming when I see his lovely smile…. Hugging him melts my heart and its an amazing feeling…. 

I am trying to be a cool mom but I am worried inside, I think till my last breath…. I wish him a life with peace and happiness…. whenever he gets hurt, my heart breaks…. 

The happiness my son gives me is the best moments of my life…. He makes me smile even in tough situations…. I don’t know whether he will read this blog when he grow up…. 

I want him to know that I love him more than anything in my life…. 

Share your thoughts about mother and child relationship in the comment box below….


44 thoughts on “Journey of a mom….”

  1. Having my son is the most precious thing that happened to my life. He fill my life with lots of joy. He is 5 months now and I am overly proud of the milestones that he’s been achieving since he was born. Motherhood is really special! 💖


  2. All days turns out to be happier when we see our tiny tots smile… wishing happier days ahead for all mommies daddies and kiddos out there 🥰🥰🥰

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  3. All our days turn out to be happier when we see our tiny tots smile…. wishing happier days ahead for all mommies daddies and kiddos 🥰🥰🥰

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  4. Happy Mother’s day to you Nabeela! You are a wise and intelligent Mommy for your kid. You are going to watch him grow and teach him all goodness and will be proud of yourself! Always be proud of yourself! Because you are a Mother! Convey our wishes to all the Mothers in your family! 💐✨

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