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My Non Blood Relationships….

I am not a person who thinks relationships are made inside the family…. I believe we can make great bonding outside…. Today I would love to share my “NON BLOOD RELATIONSHIPS” with pride…. These people gave support to me in situation where I thought I would never survive…. They made me smile in difficulties….

My Innocent Besties….

College life without people having same vibe will be pathetic. Luckily, I have two friends who have same wavelength like mine.

I am a person who have missed important classes, spending time in coffee shop for so long, hanging out with friends, chilling the college life….

Accompanying me, there were two friends, Lisi and Amrutha who were as crazy as me or may be they can tolerate it….

Bunk the class and talking about nothing…. What an amazing time was that…!!! After the college, spending time in the canteen for long time, with a cup of tea…. I really miss those days….


They both are in kerala and I am here in United states…. When they call me, I used to talk for hours without knowing what the topic is…. I never want to stop talking with them but what to do, time difference is a huge issue…. When it is morning in India, here it will be evening…. But still we are managing to catch up with each other….

My brother

From college I got a brother who cares me like a little sister…. His name is Prasanth…. He is a mad guy with extreme talents…. He writes amazing poems…. I am glad that I didn’t lose him after the college…. His parents are so nice…. They love me as a daughter…. From college times, I feel so happy to tease him and it continues till now in the calls….


I studied in hostel and there I got roommates, 7 awesome individuals…. We together have celebrated a lots of lovely moments…. We will take time to make occassions like birthdays memorable…. We search for new ideas each time…. I miss all those moments and I wish, I could have spend valuable time with them even more…. They have made my college life colorful and heartwhelming….


All my college mates have played important role in moulding myself…. I have created many beautiful memories with them even though I was crazy, and wierd…. I miss those days very badly….

My neighbour buddies :-

Coming to a new place is pretty much difficult if you don’t have friends or relatives there…. When I came to US, I felt so worried to meet others…. After all I can’t trust anyone…. But I understood the fact that wherever we go, there will be good people around…. Just you have to see it…. My neighbours are so friendly and helpful…. They make me feel here as my home…. Whenever I need anything, I can ask them without hesitating…. I have mentioned about a friend in a previous post who tried new hairstyle in me…. She is Archana, my best buddy here in Michigan…. She is a tamilian from selam…. Hanging out with her is amazing and I enjoy her friendship a lot….

So thats all for today…

Do you have non blood relations like me??? Then share about them in the comment box below….



39 thoughts on “My Non Blood Relationships….”

  1. Oh my God you are from kerala…! Whatever you said is relatable me. I have of like this who supported me throughout my life. Especially my bad times. When my have gone through a severe crisis our friends supported us more than our relatives…..

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  2. I think its beutiful to speak in your own way.. അല്ലേ നബി… ഇവിടെ കിടക്കട്ടെ ഇത്തിരി മലയാളം.. ഭയങ്കര എഴുത്താണല്ലോ.. ഫയങ്കരി


  3. I too agree with u sister now a days those
    Who have good friends can lead a happy life even if there are lots of difficulties in life, blood relationship are simply waste we can trust our friends but not family😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  4. Nice post. I may come back to this post sometimes, and I’ll be reflecting on it for sure.
    I also want to say thanks for the follow. I actually linked back to you on my blog because you are my 50th follower (I know, I know, it’s hardly anything, and my blog is only a month and a half old, but I wanted to celebrate, and it’s a start, I guess!). Here’s the post: https://wordsonkey.wordpress.com/?s=50+followers

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  5. I’ve a cluster of family that are not blood related. I’m blessed in this way. I could make a few phone calls and they’d all be here. I too, completely understand what you’ve written. Cheers!


  6. I totally understand what you write about here. I have a friend, his name is Jim, who lives on the other side of Canada from me. We seldom speak, message once in a while and rarely get together. However when we do, it’s like absolutely no time has past. :)

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