All time favorite plays of toddlers….

Toddlers are the most curious and adventurous individuals…. Settle down is not in their dictionary…. We moms have to struggle to make a good play time experience for them since they get bored very easily…. My son is 3 year old…. There are some plays that he never get bored from his infancy and he is looking for new variations in each of them….

So today I am gonna share about his all time favorite plays…. I think, Most of the toddlers agree with these….

Bubbles :-

Not only toddlers, but even adults like to blow the bubbles. You may have seen the kid’s shops filled with bubble blowers. There are many variations in bubble blowers starting from the bubble sticks to automatic blowers.


My son, when he was young, try to catch the bubbles but now he can blow it by himself. But still, I like to blow bubbles for him if he becomes bored with all other toys. I have stocked a bottle for refill. I also have the automatic blowers but I think it won’t last. So I stick with the simple ones.

Sand :-

Many parents think that playing in sand may be unhygienic. So for them, there are artficial sand play sets which can be used indoors also. I had bought sand play sets but it was a total disaster. Then, we started making him play in sand whenever we go out. That is a better option and there are many play areas specially designed for kids. Beaches are also a good option but you have to make sure to clean his hands after the play time.


Water :-

We think water is for drinking, No man… It is one of the most important play for kids. My toddler love to play in water. He have started bathing by himself. Hi Hi…. When he was an infant, he used to pour water from one container to another but now he like to wash his toys in water (Pathetic situation of his newly bought disney cars…. Ha ha….). He also dry them with paper towel (Sometimes, I have to do that part since I am doing the job of his assistant always….).

Drawing :-

I am interested in drawing from school days, so I have introduced him doodle pad very early to scribble anything he want. I also try to show him drawing skills that I have learned from school days.


In drawing, we can attempt many alternatives. You can start with the FINGER PAINTS. They will make mess but it is a good start. Water colors, pencils, crayons, sketches….. There are many options. My son likes WATER COLORS and SKETCHES. So it depends on kids. You have to understand their choices and if you make time to spend with them, they will definitely enjoy it.

Cooking :-

I don’t know whether all kids love to play with kitchen toys but my son is attached to it. He is fond of all type of kitchen utensils. He makes dough with flour, can whisk egg with the egg beater(I give him water in the place of egg to whisk…. Obviously!!!), sometimes imaginary sauting with a spoon in the pan….


After understanding his desire towards cooking, I bought him a kitchen set but still he need my kitchen utensils…. Hi hi….

So these are the plays he followed from his infancy and still continues….

What is your kid’s all time favorite plays ??? Share it in the comment box below….


20 thoughts on “All time favorite plays of toddlers….”

  1. Hahaha….I have a muchkin at home who never plays with her toys…and she always wants my kitchen utensils,dresses from wardrobe etc

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  2. Nabeela happy to see your son children likes cutting pappers with scissors for that I am keeping two kids safe scissors..remaining all are same as yours..

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