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My top 5 favorite bloggers….

When I started blogging, I never thought I can write more than 2 or 3 blog posts…. But today I am writing my 75th post…. Isn’t it amazing….!!!

I have met many talented writers here….

Some of them makes me think a lot, Some gives me tons of energy, Some recollects my memories, Some garnishes my recipes, and the list goes….

I thought about to choose five of them every month and appreciate their work….

Are you guys excited ??? Do you want to know my favorite bloggers of this month ???

Lets start….

Bharath Upendra :-


I call him as my brother and he is an amazing poet…. He writes deep thoughts and memorable words…. You will get mesmerized with his poems for sure…. He is a friendly and fun loving person…. (Bro, you are amazing, keep going….)

Gottfried :-

Banter Republic

I am the biggest fan of his writing…. He has got the talent to make his viewers to bite their nails with a funny approach on each post…. I may have read his posts many times…. It makes me laugh…. You guys will agree if you go through it….



She is a bold writer with a nice heart…. Her posts are interesting to get a cozy comfort…. She writes about Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Beauty, Mental health and Blogging advice…. My personal favorite is “23 LESSONS IN 23 YEARS”….

Aswathy Gopalakrishnan

Life With My Little Star

I can tell everyone that I got a friend here…. Yes, I do…. A kind hearted person who have written about her personal experiences…. Her journey with her little star is informative for new moms….



She is a gem with powerful words…. She will take you to a different world…. It consists of her findings about life and you will get a different perspective towards life…. I have many favorite posts of her…. Its too difficult to choose one…. She is that amazing….

You can read their posts by checking the links below the names….

I know I have missed many interesting bloggers but I will do it in the next month….

If you want to share your thoughts, write it in the comment box below….





32 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite bloggers….”

  1. Great post babe! Wish to see my name there soon :)
    I’m very new to all this blogging thing, I need to ask you how the award system works Nabeela? Like if I really like some bloggers and i nominate them?

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    1. Those awards are named by bloggers to appreciate the work of other bloggers…. They will mention the rules in the blog…. You have to follow that…. Its fun…. And it helps to communicate with your favorite bloggers…. I love those awards and I feel so so happy to get nominated…. Being recognized and considered by someone else is an amazing feeling…. Happy blogging…. ❤️


  2. This is such a great way to connect with other bloggers and help people find new bloggers to check out. I am truly honored that you added me to this list and I will most definitely be checking out the other four bloggers!

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