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What I love to do daily….

We all have different interests and we seek information about it to become better…. Many people make time in their day to day life to improve their creative side….

I too have desire towards certain fields…. I know, I am not best in it but definitely I feel happy when I try to engage myself in those….

Today I thought about to share some of my interests….

Blogging :-

Why should I need to tell this to you guys. I love to be in my blogging world atleast 2 hours daily. Even if I don’t write, I am fond of going thorough other’s blogs.

Writing is not at all an easy job as many people thinks. I am like a person who save the topics in google keep whenever something strikes my mind. Then I develop the topic into a post mostly after my son sleeps or when my husband is free.

Drawing :-

Another fascinating activity that I admire is drawing. I have to mention my friend, Salisha when I think about it. She is an amazing artist from school days. From her, I begin to understand more about art. Her shading skills were amazing. I am also affectionate about writing letters in different fonts. My son is also interested to scribble something when I show him how to draw.

I am not a great artist but I love to do it, thats all. I didn’t got any chance to learn more about different types of drawing techniques. I am still at pencil sketch….

Exercise :-

I wish I could do more workouts everyday to feel healthy from inside. I don’t believe in perfect figure but I like to occupy a healthy lifestyle. Moreover it won’t happen daily. I can only dream about it….

I was very thin till my college days and people used to ask my mom the question –

“Don’t you give her anything to eat ?”

After delivery, I put on enough weight and now I miss my thin life…. Hi hi….

Cooking :-

I never thought I can cook any dish perfectly (in my point of view….) My husband is very critical about taste of food. Or you can say I have a masterchef judge inside home. May be because of that pressure, I began to cook nice. Distinct people have varying taste buds. So each individual will have a different story. My cooking life is good till now.

I am attached to cooking like a baby to his caregiver. After lockdown, I am planning to try new recipes….

So these are the activities that I enjoy doing daily….

Do you have such interests that you like to share ? Write it in the comment box below…. 



34 thoughts on “What I love to do daily….”

    1. I am a keralite…. So moreover I prepare kerala food…. I try to make my dishes best…. So I can’t choose one…. But may be those who eat my food, can suggest some…. If you come to kerala, I would definitely prepare for you….

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  1. We have very similar interests, my friend 😀 I am not surprised though. I would love to see some of your drawings. Have you posted them on blog before?
    My husband is pretty lenient when it comes to cooking. But my mother is a perfectionist and an amazing cook. Most of the recipes I follow are hers which makes me a good cook 😅

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  2. The biggest blessing that you got is that you write your thoughts so beautifully…wot I like doing is painting canvases when my little daughter is sleeping… nowadays I got into wall art since there is lack of canvas availability due to lockdown…

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