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Who is celebrating Covid ???

These quarantine days are the worst situation of our lives and each one of us are struggling in some way…. We have started adjusting this lifestyle and trying to be happy even though we are in an entirely remote circumstances….

But there are some other people who is celebrating this epidemic period….

Lets see who are they???

Video calling applications :-

This pandemic have made us stay inside for a while…. And it is difficult for us to survive without friends and family…. Many of my friends are using Video calling and conference calling apps so that they can enjoy a fun time with all, together…. Whatsapp, Skype, BOTIM,…. are the common apps for this purpose….


I am an exception in this case, since I don’t like video calls but these apps are helping people to meet their loved ones on the screen….

Social networking sites :-

We still love to pose for pictures…. Many people got immense time and they are moreover interested in spending those in the social networking sites…. Facebook is not the leading one now….

Instagram is ruling the world all over…. They have introduced new facilites and the entire humanity is in its magic…. Instagram is also giving opportunity to reveal your talents with simple contests….


Some of my friends has take part in singing, tiktok, memes creation, troll making and writing contests…. There are also many challenges build by fellow companions which creates a good time during the quarantine….

Streaming services :-

What else we are going to do to kill our time….!!! Watching television, right???

Netflix, Amazon prime, Youtube, …. these services are partying for sure…. My day starts with trolls in youtube…. And since Sanjay Thumma (Vahrevah.com) have started putting new videos in youtube, my tummy is also jumping with happiness….
Now a new trend have started to sprout…. I would love to mention the guy named Arjyou.… He has recently hit 2 million subscribers within a short time….

He introduced the new concept of “Roasting videos…” There are also many vloggers who got appreciation for creating the lockdown fun on the screen….

Netflix have come up with amazing serials for spare time…. It also have new movies in all languages….

Speaking about Language movies, I support Amazon Prime…. They have become media partners with most of the language movies like hindi, tamil, malayalam, telugu,etc….

I used to watch most of the language movies that I knows…. I can speak and read hindi…. Malayalam is my mother tongue and tamil I can understand….

Content creators :-

Bloggers are making  a massive impact in these days…. Many new bloggers have come to the track and they are using their time in a good way…. No, No not me…. My blogging journey started at July 12, 2018….



I was not an active blogger before,since I have a tiny person to deal with, my son Shazil…. Now he is a grown up, 3 year old boy….

Online shopping :-

Now we have restrictions to go for shopping, so it benefits the online shopping services like Amazon…. Amazon is making a huge success during this pandemic and they are all set for making us comfortable….


But I have to mention that the masks and gloves were not at all available in online sites also…. If it is available, the price is higher than normal and individuals have started making their own masks…. This lead to facebook marketplace and etsy like websites to rejoice…..

Digital Workspace :-

We can’t lose an year of our learning due to any adverse condition…. Then came the idea of online classes…. From kids to adults, tutors are ready to take care of their students in appropriate strategy….

The services like Citrix, Zoom, etc are smashing the bills by taking effect in online classes….

Grocery and Food delivery services :-

I have already written a post about Online grocery shopping…. I will link it below….


You can go through the post to know how I am buying groceries in these days….

I want to  mention the express deal service of walmart which provide groceries to your home as early as possible….

I prefer indian food and many restaurants are taking a good deal to deliver food on time…. My favorite is Masala Kitchen…. I love the mutton curry in mughalai style from there….

Online courses :-

Last but not least, online courses have shoot in this situation and they are achieving enough fame by giving short span options and scholarships…. Those who have time, can approach for online courses and it is not a bad idea to learn something new in this period…. It wil be good for your future plans….

Are you struggling to work from home ??? Then you must check my post about how to survive in work from home difficulties…. Click the link below….


So that is about my vision towards the industries benefits during the covid….

If you have any suggestions, then make your mark in the comment box below….





10 thoughts on “Who is celebrating Covid ???”

  1. Wow, this is well thought out for sure. These companies have certainly been benefitting from what’s going on around the world!


  2. Nabeela, exactly they are celebrating..recently one of my friend started online business..those who have a different and creative thinking can score at this Covid season..I think so..and it is really helpful.


  3. It’s true, how online applications traffic had improved, and lot of new bloggers and people that spent their time wise enough by participating lot of online education and books! Covid19 has impacted large in terms of ozone layer recovery and earth and people! ✨ Well done, I feel you have covered all point’s ✍️ Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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