Heart talks

Best moments of my life….

Each of us may have some valuable moments that makes you happy whenever you think about it….

I do have such moments where I want to give myself a

“High five….”

I am a person who gets excited for small things…. So for me, these are like huge achievements….!!! You know what I mean….

So let me share my “Best moments….”

First prize for Poetry writing in school :-

Being a stupid in the school, I was too bad in planning for any competitions…. Am I like an Alien who don’t comprehend her emotions when she reaches the earth??? Its just an imagination after watching movies…. hi hi….

But still it happened…. I participated in poetry writing at school….I do remember that day…. It was one of the worst days in my life…. I came to school with sad face from home…. And I filled the paper with my feelings…. It worked….!!!

It was a malayalam poem and our teacher, Lilly appreciated my work seperately…. she never thought I am capable for that….

Thats it…. I didn’t participate further…. My mom never wanted me to get distracted from the studies…. So I clicked the ‘termination‘ button for the poetry writing….

Getting good marks for Mathematics in school :-

I don’t hate Mathematics but it abominates me…. Then I started to disappear from class…. That resulted in my tutor to dislike me….

I skipped the special classes she kept for weak students…. I was not sure whether I will attain a pass mark…. I studied mathematics like all other subjects…. And the miracle happened…. I got good marks…. Yeah…!!!

Moral of the story :

“Embrace yourself…. No one knows your potential…. You can do any miracle….”

Getting appreciation for my singing :-

I always loved music…. From school days, I was trying to sing, but I used to kicked out due to poor singing…. May be I never got a good teacher to mold myself…. I only remember some group songs where I was in the back row….

But thanks to my seniors in the college…. They found my passion about singing…. And I started participating in the college programmes…. I accomplished singing in front of an audience eventhough I was not good….

Conquering stage fear was a huge task for me…. Also thanks to the endless seminars that made us all to become better to face a crowd….

I can cook :-

I am the youngest in my home and my mom always do the cooking task…. But after reaching United States, I started cooking by myself for my husband….

Then I understood, “I can cook….”

I began to make my dish perfect and it is a good sign….My husband has immense knowledge about cooking and he will evaluate your food in that level…. So I am not bad…. Again high five….!!!

Another best moment I am celebrating is my blogging time…. Writing makes me happy and occupied….

Do you have any valuable moments captured in your mind??? Then share it in the comment box below…. 



67 thoughts on “Best moments of my life….”

  1. Nice post, have a high five from me too for your achievements. I am always happy to read your posts 🙂 my biggest achievement (other than keeping kiddos alive for 13 and 15 yrs respectively lol) after having a string of unfinished qualifications (because i got distracted by shiny things all the time), i have just submitted the final piece of work for my degree in psychology after a 7 year slog! Now nervously waiting for result and grade! *holds fist out for fist bump*


  2. I am also the kind of person who treasures small moments. I could relate to all the incidents that you mentioned here. High Five to you for all those and an extra clap for your blogging journey. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Still mathematics is nightmare forme. I never scored more 9- 10 marks except 10 grade. I think a scoring mathematics is not bad thing. Only gifted people can sing. Cooking is an art…


  4. Well a high five from my side too! I’m also a one that always seek an appreciation from other side for whatever I do, I’m not proud of my childhood, when I realise how to have fun in my childhood, I have already entered my adulthood and realised appreciations are rare, I decided to fill my gap with others, I appreciated little thing’s from my heart and it gave me great satisfaction! I suggest the same to you, appreciate every little details around you and people you’ll feel so high ☺️ Malayalam is my second mother tongue as I born in borders of Kerela, I can speak Malayalam a bit. Wonderful topic Nabeela, it’s good to know you are that one special multi talented human being, you are a great mother as well! Happy Writing ✨ ✍️ 👍

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    1. Your comments are valuable for him…. You don’t know how happy I am to read it…. I can speak tamil…. My husband can read…. I have one good friend here, Archana from selam….

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  5. I dread mathematics. I always failed in math and sciences; always being the dumbass during school and college.
    You’d never beat me in skipping classes, sister. 😂😂
    You sang in front of an audience?? I could never do that, even in my dreams.

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                    1. I didn’t got any appointment further…. Here doctors won’t ask you to come for minor issues…. The blisters should not be popped and we take care it…. My husband as always helped me a lot…. Thank god I got a partner like him….


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