Heart talks

Recollection of past….

Welcome to my blog, friends….!!! I have been blogging for so long and never thought about to look back….

But looking back is not at all a bad thing…. So today I read my blogs from day 1 and it was fun….

So lets look at some of my old posts….

If you want to check out those, click the link below the post….

I am going to end my life :-

When I posted this one, many of my friends got scared with that title and called me…. I am happy that they don’t want me to surrender to death (I love you guys)….


When I was writing this post, I recovered from a sad moment and it gave me strength to express myself better….

Love is a mystery…. Be honest, Please :-

This post I wrote for my friend Arshad who still loves his ex after marrying some other person…. I got so irritated with that and it cames out like a writeup….

Why do people marry some person and make them fools…. Thats too bad…. You must tell them the truth and let them decide whether they want to stay or not…. Don’t be a fake….


Happiness is not what others think about your life :-

People have different definition for happiness…. Some individuals get confused whether they are happy or not…. So this post is to remind them….

You are happy….

  • when you smile from your heart,
  • When you have a shoulder to support you,
  • When you have someone who can understand you.


5 Things you should experience once in your life :-

We don’t like to get cheated and neither we like to experience betrayal and love failure…. But those are needed to make you a perfect person…. It will teach you to survive in this pathetic world…. I prompt to encounter these 5 things in your life once….


3 Questions you should ask yourself before getting married :-

Divorce have become a common thing nowadays…. The reasons are laying in your head…. So if you are thinking about marriage, you should ask yourself…. The answer will come from inside and don’t get worried to make a decision…. It is for the good….


So this is about my reminiscence….

Do you feel any change in my blogging style from the older ones??? Share your thoughts in the comment box below….







31 thoughts on “Recollection of past….”

  1. I can’t understand why 22 people pressed a like button without answer. I would say you had people grasping topics, and you still have, keep writing ✍️ Not like the first oneπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ but the other topics, because people seek their unanswered questions of their life in Google or wordpress, as for me, so many of my questions are answered by many bloggers and one day I wrote my point of view on the same topics too. We all have a unique point of view, And enjoy writing ✍️ And I am yet to read all the links, but I will definitely read at least the topics mentioned here… Have a good day βœ¨πŸ’


    1. Thank you…. I love to write…. My posts usually happens at late night… I never thought I can be a blogger…. I feel it as a blessing…. I am trying to improve myself daily…. Your comments are really helping me out simon….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You have mentioned about your friend. It touched me lot. It reminded me about my friends. It’s because it came from your heart.


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