Award for bloggers

The Food Award….

I love delicious food and I am interested in cooking, So this Award is special for me…. Thank you so much Debby to nominate me for this Award…. She is an amazing cook and she have explained about her preferences in her Blog…. She writes about Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services and you must check out her blog to build an amazing opprtunity in that field….

Click the link below to know more about her….

A memory from our Chicago Trip….

Rules :-

1. Thank the person that nominated you….

2. Ping the creator of this award, Elisha….

3. Add an image of your favorite food or use the same featured image as your nominator….

4. Answer the five questions….

5. Create five questions about food….

6. Nominate five people….

Questions and Answers :-

  • What is your favorite restaurant and where is it located?

Food Court in Genting Highlands, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia….

  • How do you like your eggs? and your steak?

Boiled, Barbeque….

  • What’s the most expensive dessert you ever had?

I don’t prefer expensive desserts…. I like Baskin Robbins Vanilla Ice cream….

  • Do you drink wine or other alcoholic beverages with your meal?

I don’t drink….

  • What’s your favorite appetizer? entree? dessert?

I like Dragon Chicken (Indo-Chinese), Chicken Pad Prick Noodles (Thai) and Vanilla Ice cream….

My Nominees :-

Whats Da Latest

Tiani Angela



Questions for you :-

1. What is your favorite Cuisine ??? favorite food ???

2. What do you make for breakfast usually ???

3. What is the best food you prepared so far ???

4. Share a memorable moment related to any food ???

5. What flavor do you like in your Ice cream ???


So guys, I am waiting for your lovely Answers….


72 thoughts on “The Food Award….”

  1. Dragon Chicken (Indo-Chinese), that is an interesting dish. Might give it a try, if I find it someday. How would you describe it ?

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