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Is it easy to be a Mommy+Blogger…. No…. Here is why???

Being a mom is difficult…. I think you agree with that…. And along with that being a Blogger!!! That is heavy….!!!

I am a mom of 3 year old and a Blogger too…. Some of my friends used to say, “You don’t have any other work, So you started Blogging….”

I mean, Do you guys really think what you are saying ???

If you think it is funny, then it is not….!!!

I love writing…. And WordPress gave me an amazing opportunity to fulfill my passion towards writing…. If you love something truely from your heart, then you will make time for it….

I started my Blogging journey on 2018, It has been 2 years…. But I took a long break in between and now I bounce back….

So today I thought about to share the struggles of being a….

“Mommy + Blogger”

Multi tasking :-

There is a myth that women can perform more tasks at a time. Women never chose multitasking, but situations made them to execute two or more duties together….

When you become a Mom, you have to take care of your kid in every ways, much more than a Home Nurse look after their patient. A cute and tiny person becomes your responsibility and you are doing it for yourself….

Connect with your friends along with that is a huge work. Now the haters may ask “Why did you connect with your friends ???”

There is only ONE ANSWER

Cause we are HUMANS….!!! And we do exist in this world like you….

We try to do our job perfectly. So we have to find the pace between our passion and Mommy life….

I would love to mention my Blogger friend, Tiani, She also shoots videos for Youtube…. That is amazing….

Cope with the tensions :-

Each mom will take time in their busy schedule for Blogging. I mostly write at night when my son sleeps (Sometimes very late). There is too much pressure to handle a tiny person whole day. If you have a toddler, then you need enough physical strength too. After all this day time battle, you have to keep all those aside and enjoy your Blogging time….

Sometimes you have to write out those emotions since you can’t cope with that anymore. It may become your best piece of writeup. Haters will provide negative energy and we have to pass that too….

Build the mindset :-

The mindset of a Blogger is different from others since they use one part of their brain to store those feelings that they want to share with the world. There are many awesome bloggers out there and to become one of them is really difficult. People doesn’t want to read a post that is not interesting….

So we have to make a plan to analyze what all things you can include in your post.

Where is time for a mom to formulate ideas ??? While running in the busy scheme, they have to remember that too….


Once you start the Blogging daily, you will understand how it work for you…. But honestly, it is tough. Then why we are doing this, because we all live once…. If you only think about the light side, you can’t follow your passion…. Nothing gets easily….!!!

Where there is a pain, there is a gain….

The happiness that I get from Blogging cannot be explained to anyone….

What do you think about Mommy + Blogger life ??? What do you want to say to your haters ??? Share it in the comment box below….


51 thoughts on “Is it easy to be a Mommy+Blogger…. No…. Here is why???”

  1. You’re quite right. It’s challenging to be a mommy and a blogger. But like you, I love writing, so I make time for it – even if it’s in the night when baby sleeps. You’re doing great, keep going☺️


  2. Hi Nabeela. You are taking out time for things that you enjoy doing, even though you have a busy life. That is really good. What you do as a mom, as a home maker and as an office employee is part of your responsibilities but pursuing your hobbies, passion and pleasures is your right. No one can snatch it from you. You deserve it. Please continue blogging. Enjoyed reading your post!


  3. That’s so accurate and it’s not easy to multi task…….but you learn to do it to be able to fulfil your goals..
    My little one she 13 months old l must tell it’s hard but we can do this and we are doing it.

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  4. I have a hard time just being a blogger I can not even imagine how hard it must be to be a mother and blog. However, you’re doing amazing so good job!!


  5. I love your passion for blogging , Nabeela. You are a hero☺️
    It’s amazing how you manage both the aspects of your life. It truly takes strength to do that!
    God bless you with health , wealth and loads of happiness 💙🥂

    Take care.


  6. I love love love this post and can relate to everything you said. I love that you are able to balance life with a super active toddler and blogging! I know its hard. Keep it up Nabeela! I look forward to reading all your posts. You also inspired me! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with being a stay at home mom and a very clingy 8 month old but you showed me it will work. Thank you!

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  7. You are doing amazing! It’s true that we BLOGGERS always face this question – You don’t have any work, so you are Blogging.
    I don’t understand why it’s always questionable if you try to follow your dreams.

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  8. Motherhood is indeed a challenge and having a passion beside being a mother is a serious challenge again. With enough support from family, yes one can shine out of the box, but not everyone is lucky. Have a wonderful Sunday ✨🤗

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      1. No I don’t. We both have enough health issues to have it naturally 😂. We learnt to live with that😁 If anything good happens in the future, I’ll definitely notify everyone 😊

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  9. You’re doing a great job young mommy.
    Much appreciations to YOU!!!!
    It’s really tooo tough to handle both jobs. If it comes to haters I would say…. just ignore them, life ‘ll be beautiful!!

    Such a good read thanks for sharing ❤

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