My Favorite Disney Movies count down…. (My Drawing for today)



Rapunzel and Maximus (My Drawing)

Hey folks….!!! My Disney count down will be incomplete If I miss the movie “Tangled”. What I love the most in this movie is the fun element they have added.

Who thought a pretty girl with golden hair will make us laugh???

Yup, Rapunzel is fun, bold and beautiful. The scenes after Flynn meets Rapunzel are humorous and make us think that fairy tale movies are not only focusing love stories but also entertainment. Next segment that surprised me is the little tussle between Maximus and Flynn. A horse with such a pride…. I loved Maximus in the movie….Oh!!! Did I forgot about the Lizard, Pascal…. I can’t!!! He is amusing us through out the film, with his expressions.

Another important feature that we should not neglect is about the animation. The movie looks bright with the improved and quality animation. Overall, It is a one time watchable movie which will definitely make you laugh….

What is your opinion about the movie “Tangled” ??? Share it in the comment box below….

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