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Are you a good friend ??? Lets check it here….

Friendship is a special relationship where there is no rituals…. But being a good friend is challenging….

Are you a good friend ???

What are the golden rules to become a good friend ???

1. Being Supportive :-

No one is living in the heaven and life is difficult to all of us. Sometimes we need a person to support where all others may call you crazy. There comes the saviors called the “Friends”….

Best friends will encourage you to fulfill the dreams even if it absurd to the whole world. They will analyze the situation and will make reassurance….

2. Make laugh :-

Last time when I talk to my best friend, I laughed till my tummy gets hurt. I don’t know the magic behind this, where a person can turn the worst moment to the best one. That is the power of friendship….

We may be talking something that is not at all related to our lives, but still we find it amazing. No one can measure the time when two buddies start talking. It will be endless….

3. A shoulder to cry :-

We all are trying to survive in the adverse conditions. Sometimes, we can’t hold those emotions which is all set to break down. If we get a shoulder to wipe those tears, it will be the best. Some other times, you just need a silent moment and a friend can only understand that….

I had many situations where I thought it won’t be possible for me to persevere. But a small chat with my best friends have helped me to bounce back….

4. Boost confidence :-

People may show bold outside since they have to confront many haters in their life. Once in a while we have to boost our confidence level especially if you are trying to focus on something. Best companions will always deliver the right words you need for the situation. Those awesome words are enough for you to approach the big steps in your path…..

5. Trustworthy :-

Trust is vital for all the relationships. Best buddies shares most of the secrets even if it is revealed during funny talks. They never expect you to disclose it to others. So hold your breath if you want to babble the secrets.

If you follow these basic rules, you can be a good friend….

Do you have good friends in your life ??? Share the best moment you had with them in the comment box below….. 



147 thoughts on “Are you a good friend ??? Lets check it here….”

  1. Well, I love my best friend, she really a great, awesome, fantastic, what’s the other name? Hope ya’ll get one like her, they rare, yunno
    Great piece Beela ❤💪🏽🚀

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  2. When i was in lkg i had one friend who was and is still very close to my heart. But we lost contact as she shifted to another city. From class 2 till class 8 i had another bff who also went to another state and now her phone no. Is invalid and she never calls me. I am in class 10 now and for 2 years i have that one friend who has really brought a positive change to my life. In two years our bond has become so strong that no matter how far we will be from each other in future we will still remain connected by soul….😀

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  3. Fantastic post, as usual!! Loved it and some great thoughts xxx Friends really are such an important part of life, and true friends are always there when you truly need them. I think the best memory I have with my best friend is the time she arrived at my house with movies and ice cream after my breakup – she really encompasses all the points you made, especially on that day. Thanks for the post xx

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  4. Tis’ true. Sometimes the best feeling in the world is to have a person you can always trust irrespective of the circumstances.
    Let’s all be good friends for somebody. But most importantly , for us💙

    Wishing you a health and happiness filled day Nabeela💙💫

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  5. These are all such important qualities to have in a friend! Especially someone who will give you their shoulder to cry on and share your burdens. True friends are there for you when you need them most.

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  6. Looks like I’m not a good friend at all, The last time I made a call to ask how are you my friend was 31st of neveruary 🙄. It’s ok, I Now have people in social media and blogging. 😊 I’ll surely make few before my time.😊

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                    1. 😁 Oh yes I don’t. I maybe listen once or twice or very rarely if it’s a super hit 😇 I don’t want to fall asleep listening to songs, 😸


                    1. eh… what’s wrong that😊 I feel like foreign language music is better than my language 😇 Definitely not good with soft musics in my language 😂 But in English 😁 it’s just I’m different 🤪😜


  7. I have that friend that always helps me set up my new bed. We live in different continents but she has been there every single time I bought a new bed coincidentally :) it’s something we giggle about and bond over :)

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  8. I am so thankful to my friends because they supported me when I was gone through negative situation. They supported immensely during mother’s illness and death.

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      1. Good relationship will make our life meaningful. You are maintaining your friendship very well. It’s good thing. It’s easy to make friendship but hard maintain. You are maintaining your from abroad. Eventhough most of my friends are near to me I fail to keep in touch with them.

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                    1. Eee Corona Corona oka onu kazhiyataaaa. Enite vanam ellavarum koodi calicut beach il okka onu pokan.. content vaich senti ayi😌😌😌😌😌

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                    2. Sarikum touching ayitane thoniyathe. Kuttikalatha friendsinaum, schoolum collegeilaum friendsina varaum orthupoyi…….

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