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A Sunday in my life….

Recently my friend Pooja posted her daily routine and I am so pumped after reading that… She is an amazing person with a well organized life….

Check out her post here

Today I thought about to share “A SUNDAY IN MY LIFE”….

My life is pretty much simple…. So lets begin….


Usually my Sunday starts at 8.30 am or sometimes it will be 9 am. I always think about to do some work out in the early morning, but due to late night sleep, I can’t wake up that early. I will be walking like a partially paralyzed person with lack of energy and exhausted….


My little guy will be with full on energy and start to jump around. To boost myself, the first thing I need is my Coffee or Tea. I usually prefer Indian breakfast in the morning like Idli, Dosa, etc….


After my breakfast, I have to finish all the pending household chores. And then comes my favorite part, my blog. I will be reading comments and replying back in between other works (Multi-tasking mom life,huh….).


Since it is Sunday my husband will help me in all the works. With Shazu, we must be doing some craft work, reading, drawing, some pretend and play fun (script made by my son).


We three will be watching any new Animation movie in the afternoon. Obviously Shazu will be the one who controls us, hi hi…. Due to Covid, we usually don’t prefer to go out a lot. Sometimes we go for a walk or may be a drive in the car without getting outside….


Once my son sleeps in the night which is a very big deal, I start working on my Blog and YouTube channel. My sleep time will be mostly 1 or 2 am…. Since I started singing cover songs, I will be doing rehearsals for the selected song. I am improvising myself each time and pushing me more to make it perfect….


So what are your daily activities that you enjoys a lot ??? Share it in the comment box below…. 

38 thoughts on “A Sunday in my life….”

      1. Sure, he did😅 He hasn’t started talking much. But he knows his ways to get things done his way 😀
        Also, I hope its ok to ask.
        Randamathe aal on the way aano? Videoil cheruthayi angane thonni.. forgive me if I am wrong 😅


        1. Randamathe alonnum ila da…. Vtl irunn food adich vayar chadiyatha…. Gym onum open ayitilathond vtl madipidich iruppa da…. Work out start cheyanam….


            1. Enik problem ila da…. Njn adhyam bhayangara thin ayirunnu…. Apo thadi vekanayirunnu agraham…. Ipo thadi koodiyitula issue…. Comment delete cheyendathonum ila…. Enik ingane frank ayit karyangal chodhikunnavare istanu….

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout and I really enjoyed your post! I really admire your motivation to blog and post videos on YouTube- it is not easy to sacrifice your sleep and stay up till late working on your blog and YouTube.


  2. Our answers will never enough to write down, I’ll try anyway, it’s get up, make bed, tea, cook, workout, refresh, brkfast, work, blog, salads, work, lunch, work, junkfood+tea, work, mini workout, cook, dinner, self motivation, blog , bed. gud night ✨🤗


      1. I need this system for me, else I’ll be lost☺️ I got used to it. There are minus too. I love to be free from my plans 😍. That never works out 🙄


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