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My favorite Bloggers of this week….

Tiani Angela :-

Tiani is an amazing person who will always support you as a good friend. Her Blog talks about Mommy Lifestyle and Mental health. She have also started a YouTube channel where she shares her life and it is interesting to watch her talking. I still read her post “23 things I have learned in 23 years” again and again….

Anurag :-

He writes magnificent poems and he is an incredible person too. His love towards his mom, can be realized from his poem. That is my favorite post where he described his affection towards his mother….

Shruti Pandey :-

Shruti, A great friend and a truthful writer. Her blog reflects her vision to the life. And I love to communicate with her. Her recent post “To my younger self” is my dearest….

Simon :-

Simon is a funny and organized person who have spread his knowledge to book writing too. In his Blog, you can get to read many stories, the suspenseful and thrilling ones. I am still stuck in his e-book “Alex”. It is really interesting and unveils a mystery of characters….

Blondeyonamission :-

I don’t know her real name but I love to read her Blog. She have a lifestyle Blog and her writings will change your mood in a better way. One of her recent post “It’s OK to feel” is extraordinary and you may feel like to read it repeatedly….

So that is about my Top 5 favorite Bloggers of this week…. Actually this month I have read remarkable posts of many stunning writers and there is a wide list of my favorite ones…. Thats why I started to write about my Ideal Bloggers in each week….Β 



28 thoughts on “My favorite Bloggers of this week….”

  1. Wow this is an amazing way to express your thoughts on your beloved…Good job dear Nabeela…Would love to hear it from you…You’re such a nice person…😊😊😁😁

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  2. OMG I can’t believe you included me in this post it is such an honour thank you!! You are such an amazing blogger and to be included in this list seriously brought tears to my eyes and the biggest smile :) I’m so glad you like my blog – I love yours and I always feel so inspired after reading them xx

    Also my real name is Tia (or Tee which is my nickname) xx

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