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Toddler Books Update….

Parents always want books to be the best friend of their kids…. My son Shazil is not that good listener but still we are taking effort to read stories to him daily…. So today I thought about to share his book collection….

P Is For Potty ! :-

Potty training is one of the most difficult task during the parenting. If their favorite character toys manifest the task, then it will be more interesting to them. My son likes the Elmo from Sesame Street and this book have over 30 flaps to lift. When I read this book, my son will start lifting the flaps and can easily understand the story. This have become one of his favorite book now….


Winnie the Pooh :-

All the characters in the “Winnie the Pooh” movie is amazing. Yet the book is also special with funny stories that attracts all the kids. My son is fond of Tigger and Pooh. So he is attached to this book too….


Mickey Mouse Stories :-

Mickey Mouse is equally entertaining and informative. The narration with the pretty character pictures makes this book special among the toddlers….


Giraffes Can’t Dance :-

This story book is an extra ordinary one which focus on deep vision towards life. This book will build confidence to anyone and for kids, this is a stunning choice….


Milo Goes Bananas :-

This one is my dearest since it reveals the cute story of two monkeys. And the pictures in the book is remarkable and delightful for kids….


Princess Stories :-

This one is not his favorite book, but he has watched most of the Disney movies, he can connect to the stories very easily….


Snuggle Stories :-

In this book, there are different Disney stories and my son loves to read the story where Minnie stays with Daisy. He even likes to act as the characters shown in the story….


Little Blue Truck :-

Yet again a story with depth, The Little Blue Truck…. In life, we have to be good with others and we humans can only live by depending on others. This is the moral of the story and you can make the animal sounds illustrated in it to engage your kid….


The Pout – Pout Fish :-

This one is the favorite of many kids and my son also tries to read this by himself and will make the sounds written in the book. It is so nice to watch him reading. I love that….


How to Catch Santa :-

I am surprised with this book where they have explained about how to catch Santa. My son eagerly listens to the tricks elaborated in the story. He loves Santa since he fulfills their wishes….


Dinosaurs are lost in the city :-

Oh!!! This one is fun to read. I have circled each dinosaur in the pages and my son points into that and tell their name when I ask him where is that specific dinosaur…. Dinosaurs are no longer scary but kids friendly….


Peek – a – who ? :-

Moreover all the kids must have played the game Peekaboo. And this book demonstrates it with flaps and kids will nicely play with them….


ABC ‘s :-

This one is not a story book but good to learn new words and it is interactive for kids and kind of an activity book….


Winnie the Pooh and his Friends :-

This one is similar to the above mentioned activity book and illustrates the Winnie the Pooh and his Friends….



So which one is your kid’s favorite book ??? Share it in the comment box below….

48 thoughts on “Toddler Books Update….”

  1. Great post! I can’t wait till my son is old enough to read these toddler books to him. The dancing giraffe one looks good. When I was a preschool assistant teacher I would read the Blue Truck book all the time and the kids and I loved it!

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  2. Your son is a lovely personality I must say!. and oh, I’m so surprised to see that he loves reading princess stories…My son only want Dinosaur Stories.
    The one he loves though is the Toy Stories Book.

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  3. I’m nowhere close to being a mom yet but this was such a fun post as I could think back to my favourite books as a child and the ones I read to my little brother and niece. Dr Seuss is fantastic and I’d also recommend all the Julia Donaldson books – they are so colourful and fun and also have the cutest stories :)

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          1. Technically I have watched it 🧐. But not from the beginning, But it still counts, recently I have watched from the video game part, again I missed the first few minutes 😒. But It still counts 😸😉😊

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