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Happiness – is not what others think about your life….

Sometimes many people tell us that you have got lots of good things in your life and you must be happy…. Many people like to share their happy life in social medias…. (Even if they are suffering)…. But do you think that they are actually happy???

I am thinking about the word happiness…

What is meant by happiness??? Does it depends on getting lots of good things in your life??? What is this good and bad things??? It is the perspective of others….

Some people think that if you marry a person without any bad habits or a person with good job, then that is the best thing and you must be happy…. Some think that being rich or having a good job is the ultimate happiness in the world…. You might have heard sentences like “You have this and that in your life and still you are not happy….. But why???”

In this point of life, I think the state of happiness is

  • when you smile from heart,
  • When you have a shoulder to support you,
  • When you have someone who can understand you.

These three things are the actual needs of our life…. But many people lack these …. I want to go in detail….

Smile from your heart….

If a person add a photo with smiling face doesn’t mean that he/she is happy…. A happy person is someone who smiles from the heart…. Every person have to deal with tragic situations in their life journey…. After all, this whole script is written by god…. And we are playing our roles…. He had gave us options and help lines…. But we have to deal with the stuff…. And god had given us emojis to express our feelings and emotions…. Each and every emojis have their own uses….. So we must use that carefully with the situations…. But we love the happy emoji and we search that everywhere…. Eventually, we have to bounce back from our sorrows….

You are the only person who knows the criteria for your happiness…. Some people are helpless in fulfilling their criterias and live their dreadful life….

Do you smile from your heart??? Think about it….

Having a shoulder to support you….

Being bold is not about hiding your emotions…. It is about expressing it the way you like…. Trust me…. It needs courage…. Having a shoulder to support is hard to find…. Inorder to recover from the bad mood you need someone to support you….

Do you have one??? Then don’t let them go…. Whatever the situation is…. Because everyone don’t get that luck….

Having someone to understand you….

There are lots of people who behave like they are trying hard to understand you…. Some act like thay had figured out your situation and will give you the solution…. I am not talking about them…. You need atleast one person in your life who don’t have the options to recover you nor have any solutions to overcome the pathetic situation, but will have a heart that understands you…. You don’t have to explain more for them….

Don’t lose a person who understands you…. Please….

It hurts if we go through a bad phase, but it hurts even more if no one can understand that you are crying inside….

I have suggestions for those who lack these three things :-

  • Just write it out…. In that way you are talking with your inner core….
  • Spend time with kids….

I am damn sure that these suggestions will definitely work for you….

Do you have any other suggestions??? Then write it in the comment box below…. 



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