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I am going to end my life….

All of us may had a similar feeling of giving a full stop to our disappointing life…. Guysss…. Me too… Life is all about a mixture of different emoji’s…. We always want a happy and peaceful life… But we never get that…. So what to do???

Lets discuss about the rules to attain happy and peaceful life:-

  • Do not try to interfere in others life.

Yes…. Please don’t… We don’t like others discussing about us. No one likes that either..It also generates a negative energy inside us. Every one have their own story. So let them do their job. We don’t get anything on interfering in others hectic life.


  • Take care of your health and beauty.

Practice this each and everyday. Afterall “you” are important. Follow a good routine for yourself (sometimes you have to shuffle your routine a little bit, thats ok). By doing this you will get a happiness at the end of each day. Loving yourself will lead you to love others.


  • Challenge yourself each day.

We humans are the best creations in the world. Then what are you waiting for??? Just explore yourself.There are lots of opportunities waiting for you. Grab it. If you fall, try another way to achieve satisfaction.


  • Set your goals.

Your life move forward by setting goals. We have to keep a reminder for our goals. And our goals must be decided by our own inner voice. In this way we will achieve an internal force that tells us to “wake up every morning and do our work.”


  • Live every moments in your life.

Everyone tells us to enjoy our life. But don’t be immersed in that aspect. You should be alive in every moments. Thats more important. Even if its not your day, just live it and face it. In this short span of life, you need to study lots of things. So you have to give a shot to all types of emotions. If you are sad, cry it out. Its your life. You are the captain. No one have to understand why you are like this. Because afterall we all will be a memory for some people..Someday..


  • Don’t try to rule other’s life.

Every person have a different life journey. We can’t judge anyone in a few minutes. Remember that quote;

Before criticizing someone, put yourself in their shoes….

Try to understand other’s feelings also. Think yourself in their place and then click play. What would be your reaction??? You will realize the truth.

  • Stop comparing.

We always compare our life with others who have something we die for. Thats ok. God never do cheating. He never made anyone perfect. All have their own problems, their own strugglings. So be happy with what you have and what you are.


  • Say go to hell to all those words that hurts you.

We don’t know what to talk and when to talk. Many people conveys various comments to your personal life, your job or anything. Sometimes it hurts. But don’t give them the right to hurt you. You are strong enough to laugh at their useless words. Some people may not be aware about this that their words sometimes hurts you. So try to bounce back easily by telling in your heart,”you can’t break me.”


  • Help others.

You don’t need charity to help others. In our daily life,we are busy in running for something thats worth nothing. So just slow down sometimes and you will see those who want your help. When you help someone, you will get an internal almighty feeling and that give you happiness in your life journey. Eg:- You can simply make someone’s day by appreciating their work.


  • Be something for someone.

I am not talking about lovers or bf or gf. Being there for someone and getting a loving place in someone’s heart is too difficult. In this fake world, we may not understand whether someone likes you or is just using you. But you should have atleast one person in your life who believe you are someone for him/her. It may be anyone or any relationship. You should thank him/her for loving you and accepting your imperfections.


  • Go away ego.

Always share what you feel for anyone even if you had misunderstandings or fights. Don’t let your ego to rule that moment. Just be open about your feelings. Tell them when you feel that in your heart.






30 thoughts on “I am going to end my life….”

  1. Beautifully written! I too have felt this way. I agree with everything you said. For me personally, It helped even more when I stopped giving a crap about others opinions.

    Also I like how you said life is composed of different emojis 🀣😜πŸ₯°


  2. I was shocked to see such title, this is an inspiring Post with lot of motivational quotes. Gif are very nice and said the content with motion✨ Well done .


  3. Feels like, I’ve read my life lessons in short πŸ˜‰βœ¨πŸ‘ All topics are so powerful, but the topic is indeed scary! My fav Tony stark a a character and as a personality I’m a fan of both. I have watched his Sherlock Holmes iron man parts like that much, because that attitude 😍. I love it. Lovely gif and powerful message on each topic. Keep writing ✍️ you have wise thoughts, give it to the world ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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