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3 mistakes of my life….

Have you read the book 3 mistakes of life by Chetan bhagat….

This post is not about that book…. Its about the mistakes that i made in my life….

Everyone make some mistakes in some point of their life…. If you want to share yours, then write it in the comment box below….

So let me share 3 mistakes of my life….

1. Not getting trained to be a singer….

From childhood itself, i loved to be a singer but i never thought about it so deeply….. May be because of that i never tried to convince my parents to join me for music classes…. But now i regret that the most…. I think i can do something in the field of music or arts or may be something related to that…. If i had taken that seriously, then maybe my life would have been different from now…. I am looking forward to start a youtube channel to reveal my love towards music…. But still i am not confident enough to do that…. Because there are lots of trained and well singing people out there…. I am not that good…. But i will do that someday in my life….

2. Not being there for my friends….

For me friends are like blood relations…. I am blessed with good friends in my life…. And i love them all…. But i never been there for them when they need me…. Its a big fault…. Being there for our loved ones are more important than anything in the world…. But sometimes life don’t give you enough choices…. So you have to take the responsibilities when you go through the adverse situations…. But i know the pain of being alone even if you are surrounded by a crowd…. “If my friends are reading this, then i want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart…. I love you all so much…. The memories of you guys make me alive now….”

3. Never been confident about my decisions….

I have got several golden chances to express my inner soul…. But i was not that much confident about myself…. I think, now i have changed a lot…. May be its because of the delight of motherhood…. Thanks to my baby…. He made me a different version of myself…. If i have got a chance to time travel to the past, then i will definitely live my life in a different way….

So these are the 3 main mistakes i have made in my life…. And now i am trying to be a better person each day….

I am happy about everything i have now in my life…. But these mistakes will be there, inside my heart…. And i think about it everyday, and finally i thank god for helping me to survive till now….


50 thoughts on “3 mistakes of my life….”

      1. Worst one is; I ran away from home during my teen days and blocked communication with parents for 4 whole years because of my stubborn nature, apart from that nothing bothers me much. We all do tons of mistakes.πŸ€—


  1. Oh, don’t think like that at all
    Singing you can learn now, there is no age to learn something
    With our mistakes, we learn and evolve wiser with time
    Something which is wrong now may be right later own, or vice versa , just way of thinking
    Take care
    Stay safe

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  2. My favorite Mark Twain quote is, β€œGood judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.” Making mistakes or miscalculating is the way that we become wiser, more compassionate, and more powerful. Though on reflection, those three things are probably only one thing.

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    1. I also find that sometimes not getting exactly what you want could be a blessing in disguise …I dreamed about becoming a famous artists or a famous singer but not doing so from an early age has been a great relief to me as I have realized …
      There is a saying in Christianity that says God let thy will be done …
      Let your kingdom reign, in heave , and so on earth as well …
      ( I am paraphrasing…)
      God has the best plans no matter what form it takes and changes…

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  3. If I start counting my mistakes it will not limit 1,23…… it’s a human nature. You have said that you can’t there for your friends, this is only your situation. But you love your friends value them. That is good.. it’s better to say you didn’t get the chance to express your talents and goodness. You will get chance to prove yourself .

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  4. these are not mistakes my friend. Singing can be learnt now. The others. Please don’t flay yourself. We all have our paths charted out and we learn our lessons. Sometimes, just a kind thought can do a lot more than physical presence. Blessings always

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  5. i can definitely relate to ‘not being confident with my decision’ and i always blame it on my insecurities. Obviously now i’m different, hopefully i won’t be insecure like i was before

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  6. True I agree with you some point I made some mistakes in my life. That changed my life a lot .Right time making the right decisions those people are blessed

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