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5 things you should experience once in your life….

Pain of Love and Love Failure

Love is an amazing feeling that no one can explain. We all want to be loved by someone in our life and that makes our life worth living. What about love failure??? It is equally painful like love that cannot be described. Both love and love failure gives you pain in some point of your life. But we have to feel both, once in our life. Loving someone makes you more alert and you think that your heart is beating for that particular person alone. It gives you more courage to conquer anything in your life journey. What does love failure teach you??? It assemble you to accept whatever challenges you face in your life. It imparts a strength that will prepare you for being a fighter in your journey. I know people reacts different towards both love and love failure, But we have to analyze that these facts are also part of our life and you are not alone….

Beauty of the Rain and Touch of the Wind

I love to enjoy the beauty of nature which is gifted by god to build good deeds for our existence. It makes you realize that there are lots of other things in our life apart from our emotional and tragic story. Some people like to rejoice the beauty of rain by simply sitting near the window, some like to jump into the rain, some other like to drive through the rain. Whatever way you like, but do take time to be amused by the beauty of rain drops.

Do you like the touch of the wind in the evening and night time??? I do…. It vanishes our worries and takes you away from this difficult world. If you didn’t noticed the touch of the wind, then you must try. Make time to sit in the wind and understand what it is trying to tell you. It differs with person to person…. You must try that…. Trust me…. It is a nice feeling….

Craziness of School and College Days

Bunk classes, Useless talks, Burden of studies, Tension of exams, etc,…. these are the important assets of school and college life…. We must enjoy that in our life…. Because in future these will be the good memories that we want to cherish… And when you turn back to your life, you will feel happy….

Cheating and Betrayal

Yes, that’s right… You have to go through cheating or betrayal once in your life…. Then only you can understand that what you see with your eyes are not true…. You have to notice behind the scenes in the play…. You will realize the criteria for trusting someone and how to handle every situations in your life….

Adventurous Tours

You have to go for an adventurous trip once in your lifetime. Then you will get a positive vibe that never ends until your last breath…. Yes it will remain inside your soul and will roar back on time…..


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45 thoughts on “5 things you should experience once in your life….”

  1. Valuable memories, all these moments has to be cherished πŸ˜‡ Each moments teach unique lesson and it’s part of life, Adventure trips has to be done at least once in life, it is an experience one will remember forever… Have a good day Nabeela ✨


  2. I totally agree with all of these! Even the negative stuff- we need to experience pain and betrayal at least once otherwise we will always be naive and people will take advantage of that. It helps you learn your worth.


  3. A very good article. i think most of us would have experienced it all. The lessons are deep. learn to decipher people. You don’t betray or cheat. Learn empathy.
    Of course, the lesson of unconditional love starts from parents and its loss is like losing s body part. Overnight, you grow.
    A very thoughtful post

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  4. Good ones! The one that top my list is to love unconditionally, love so much that your heart will contract so painfully with that smile or that giggle. Of course, I’m talking about love between you and your first baby.

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