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You should ask these 3 questions before getting married….

Marriage is a union of two souls for your whole lifetime…. So it is one of the most important decision in your life….

Ask the following questions before you getting married….

1. Are you ready for this???

Really!!! It is not a silly thing that can be decided by any other person…. You are the one who have to face everything that comes along with this decision…. So ask yourself…. Are you ready for this??? Is this the right time to get married???

If you feel it is a yes, then enjoy the journey with your partner….

If it is a no, then stop right there…. Plan anything else to escape from the situation….

2. Is he/she the right person???

This is the most important one you have to realize…. You are going to share every single thing with a different person…. You have to be yourself with him/her…. You need a honest person whom with you can spend good time of your life…. Understanding your character and accepting your flaws are very essential…. Is he the person who can afford your behaviour???

If you feel it is yes!!! Then you are the luckiest person in the world and be happy for getting the right person….

If it is a no, then please don’t waste your life…. I am sure, you can get the right person someday in your life…. So wait for your turn….

3. What is your future plan???

You must have a future plan for yourself after marriage…. You can choose what you have to do in your life!!! After all it is your life….

Some love to be great moms for their kids, Some like to chase their dreams, Some wish to do their jobs…. Whatever you choose, it should be your decision….

So friends…. Share your thoughts about this post in the comment box below….


45 thoughts on “You should ask these 3 questions before getting married….”

      1. I wasn’t ready for marriage and I doubted if he is the right person. But turns out he is only one who can handle the mess I am πŸ˜€ But ente oru frnd und. She was ready. Chekkan kalyanathinu munb super. Shesham 😐. Chilar anganeya baaki ellarodum nannayi perumarum. Pakshe bharyayod mathram vere reethi.. ellam oru bhagyam pole irikkum alle


  1. I used to think I had to get married right away. Especially since I was pregnant. I now don’t think I am ready to be married although my boyfriend and I are happy and in a great place. I dont ever want to rush things! Great post!

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  2. All good questions, for sure, and ones that need honest answers. I tell my children they should also ask themselves, “Is this someone I want to wait with when I’m in the line at the grocery store?” because most of married life is things like waiting in line at the grocery store, making dinner, and doing Saturday chores. Romance and ecstasy are great, but they are a small portion of our lives. A person whose presence enhances the mundane parts of life is a treasure worth pursuing.

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    1. You said it friend…. That is real life after marriage…. We have to educate our kids that marriage life is not like what shown in the movies….


  3. Statistically, couples who argue well and in a respectful way tend to stand the test of time and have longevity in their relationships. It is also one of the most significant factors of a successful relationship.

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