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How to know that your relationship is getting better ???

Starting a relationship is always confusing and there will be so many questions in our mind….

Whether he is right for me ???

Is he telling the truth ???

Can I trust her ???

But when you commit to a relationship, you may start thinking whether the relationship is getting better or not ???

Let me help you to figure out that you are in right track and your relationship is getting better….

Trying hard to not to make the arguments end up on a fight….

If you have passed the relationship dilemma, then you will understand the tense situation of fights. I am not telling fights are bad but if you are matured enough in your relation, then you will try to finish the arguments as soon as possible or make funny topics from that and change the mood.


It is a good sign that your bond have become stronger and you want to create wonderful moments with your pair….

Incorporate your partner in most of your activities….

If your relationship have become better, then you will try to include your partner in most of the activities you can. I am not talking about your job, but all the other ventures you want to do in your life.


You will discuss your ideas with your better half and consider his/her points too. You may also make sure to spend more time together….

Appreciate each others work….

Even though your partner is your major criticizer, he/she will also lead you to the perfection and will make you analyze your worth. Appreciation for good work along with the negatives must be acceptable. Don’t expect the showers of admiration. If he/she is honest, then it won’t happen for sure.


But you will get the real comments which will shape you for better performance on next time….

Giving space and freedom to each other….

Now you both know your likes and dislikes. So atleast there won’t be any totally screwed up situation where your partner will be mad at you. You know how things will turn out if you make certain mistakes that is not at all tolerated by your pair.


This will lead the space and freedom in your relationship and you both will respect each other’s life. And more your bond gets better, your trust factor will also boost up. This will clear the doubts you feel in your mind in many circumstances….

Plan trips together….

We have friends and family with whom we usually plan our vacation trips. But once your connection with your partner becomes strong, you will try to build plans with your match.


Moreover your friends will start to tease for the change in your behavior that sometimes you may not notice in yourself. And of course they will be happy for you after all you are going to achieve a great life….

So how is your relationship with your partner ??? Do you want to add any new points from your experience ??? Share your thoughts in the comment box below….

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37 thoughts on “How to know that your relationship is getting better ???”

  1. This is such great advice, I particularly agree with your points about arguing and giving each other space when necessary. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three years and I’d definitely say that these are some of the crucial things we’ve implemented and it’s certainly made our relationship a lot stronger. One point I can add though is when it comes to a conflict, don’t try to discredit what the other person says or try to blame because it takes two. The best thing is to try and listen to each other and not let anger get in the way of having a mature conversation to resolve things – even if you have to take a few minutes before talking, it honestly makes the resolution so much easier when you aren’t being led by how angry or upset you feel.

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  2. Brilliant advice, and it will be helpful for all the tom & Jerry couples. These are some important points one should adapt naturally to have a peaceful life, and since lot doesn’t have it, let’s write about it, at least this way they’ll learn from you. Well done Nabeela โœจโœ๏ธ

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Excellent advice, Nabeela! While spending time together is very important, it is important to have a life of your own and respect differences. You need to give each other space. People who meet later in life especially, should give each other enough space and enjoy stories shared about previous life experiences.

    Liked by 5 people

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