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How to recover from depression….

“Depression loves me”…..  You may have said this to yourself many times… You are not alone…. Most of us have depression issues…. And we can’t blame our-self  because sometimes life is hard to survive…. I often go to depression mode and I am used to it now….

So today I thought about to share what I usually do to survive from those bad days….

Self care….

Depression makes us to treat unhealthy, so lets restart with self care. You can go for a better diet, mostly to kick your tummy happy. Sometimes, you may see that eye bags when you look in the mirror, then please get enough sleep. Whenever you feel like to sleep, go for it. Doing meditation and workout will also make you feel good.


Get a hair wash or something, so that you look better. If you want, then dress up for nothing just to get rid of those ashes inside….

Listening to music….

Music is one important factor that drives me. And I have read in many places that music therapy will create a good vibe in your mind. I prefer to go for some high energy beats to bounce back to the old me. You can go for the motivational songs too.


Its better to make a playlist in your phone so that you need not have to get frustrated for searching those. You can sing loud while in the shower which is a good exercise to get over from that bad days….


Recently I have started to improve my drawing skills. I love to do pencil sketches which I have posted in my blog too. But I understood that drawing will make your mood better. There are many options for everyone to perform their own designs.


My friend Pooja is using paint book which is amazing. There are many other software and apps too. It will definitely turn your mood to better….

Photography :-

There are many stunning photographers out there and I am not telling you to compete with them but while enjoying the beauty of everything, try to capture it in your phone, it will lead you to think different. Photography is an art that depends on the perspective of the one who takes the pictures.


No need to explain anyone how thoughtful you were while clicking the shot. After all, you don’t want to be judged by anyone who doesn’t care about what you have gone through in the previous day….

Stay away from negativity….

I have to say this, there is negativity all around and it gets into your head if you are weak from inside at that particular point. So its better to stay away from judgement’s and personal comments. When I started my YouTube channel, I got many non-related suggestions that I heard with one ear and then removed through another.


People have opinions for everything and if you are in a worst state, then it will effect you very badly. So I don’t give my attention to anyone when I am in tough situation….

Talk to someone….

There will be some amazing souls who will always be ready to cheer you up. For me, they are saints. I love to open my heart to them, and it is not about trust, it is about the assurance that they will heal the heart and will charge your batteries.


Most of the times, I try to self recover from adverse situations but there were some crazy days where I will throw my thoughts to my saints to restore my system and it always works….

So that is about my shot towards the depressed days….

Have you experienced depression in your life ??? How did you survived those bad old days ??? Share your answers in the comment box below….

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64 thoughts on “How to recover from depression….”

  1. First line itself attracted me “Depression loved me”. It was so on point and relatable for many. I think writing helps to cope atleast till some extent. And when people appreciate and shares there experience..you don’t feel alone anymore.


  2. A very positive post, I looked around me and tried to embrace gratitude for what I had. That got me out of it eventually (gratitude)


  3. All these. And sleeping in, rewatching some favorite movies or series, looking at old photos, writing the feelings out, crying it out… all helps. But if it goes to a point of thinking about death, I believe that seeking expert help is the best way rather than waiting for it to go on its own, or someone else to come and help.

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              1. Nahi abhi mane btya Kaha …… Tried and tested h depression me 😁 … welcome Nabeela…keep writing on such topics…at this time people needs it .


  4. Sure , in certain severe depression cases , a therapist is highly recommended and anti-depressent pills may be given but sooner or later , you can become your own self-healer or the best cure and this is why it is called insight ( in-sight ) or inner realization…
    You do not have to overthink but just calm your mind and get inspired to get an inner knowing to know what is right for you, so what does not serve or is unnecessary has better be released or left …

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  5. This is why it is called insight ,
    in-sight or inner vision or inner divine inspiration.
    Yes , the kingdom of God is within you…
    Everyone is created special and different so be the best you can of yourself …

    Be the change you want to see in the world as Mahatma Ghandi has said…
       Sending prayers of peace , prosperity , love and justice to the world …

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  6. When the sky gets dark ,
    And gray clouds litter a lightening spark,
    God would nourish all with rain ,
    To bring joy and transcend the pain,
    Nothing really goes in vain ,
    Always thrive to bless again ,
    In fantasy,   you thrive and gain ,
    Blessed you would forever and ever remain ,
    The blue sky can sunshine contain …
    The universe shall a rainbow to  you explain ,
    Drops of rain would livelihood retain…
    For life to be renewed with gain
    Again , and again and again …

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  7. This was such a fantastic post because you share such good advice – I think we all struggle with depressive thoughts at some stage and the key is learning how you can overcome these difficulties. I’ve battled depression and I think your tips are spot on. Focusing on looking after yourself and finding simple activities that bring you joy (while avoiding negativity and trying to create a positive support structure in your life) can be so helpful in just keeping those horrible depressive feelings at bay.

    For all those battling depression – you are all so incredibly strong and just know that you are not alone xxx

    Thanks so much for sharing xx

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