Heart talks

How smart people differ from others….

Being smart is challenging…. It won’t come easily…. You have to find yourself from the scrap….

So today I thought about to share how smart people differ from others….

Lets jump into the topic as usual….

Keeping profits in the mind….

Intelligent people’s head is like a computer. It will calculate immediately about the gain. A smart kid will only exchange his/her toys with the other kid rather than sharing. They will have a business mind in everything. When in a relationship, they will only try to please a person whom he/she feels to be an asset in future life.

Focus on achieving goals….

Clever people are aware of what to do afterwards and they will focus on it. They will prepare foolproof plan to succeed. If they fails in their target, they will try something else and they will always have a “plan B” . They must be ready to experience the adverse situations that comes in their way. They can adapt in the unfavorable conditions.

Being an open minded….

Bright people are open minded. They don’t have to struggle in the emotional aspects. So they won’t put junk files inside their mind. They want to be happy and successful. So they will be ready to move on when time comes. If they want to cry, they will do it. But inside the mind, they will figure out the options to switch. These kind of people will recognize what to talk, to whom and when to talk.

So what do you think??? Are you smart??? 

Do you have friends like this??? You can share about all these in the comment box below….

56 thoughts on “How smart people differ from others….”

  1. I will call such person selfish rather than smart. Such people always look for profit in everything. For them, relationships and friendship are also a way to get something.


  2. When you say that smart people “always keep profits in mind”, are you restricting it to monetary gain or does that statement refer to any benefit? People may contribute to your life in different ways (knowledge, assistance, support,etc)

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      1. I don’t think so. I have the tendency at times of making decisions using my heart instead of my head, feeling sympathy for certain people to my own detriment. πŸ˜’


                    1. That is called cheating. I mentioned you to write a funny post in your blog…. Not a comment…. I think, you are struggling in it…. Thats why you are making excuses…. Is it that difficult for you???

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Hehe I still made you laugh.
                      I do struggle with writing something that’s lighthearted and funny. I’m trying though.
                      Until then, make do. 😬


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