Heart talks

Say NO to people….

Isn’t it that difficult to say NO to someone??? I don’t know how you guys handle such situations but for me, honestly, Its too difficult. I have changed a lot in that aspect (atleast I have decided to change it, yo….)

Many people may have similar issues if it comes to relationships, friends,

Yup…. We are drama queens…. We don’t want to break others heart. So what to do with the broken piece of your heart (Did you decided a place to fix it??? Ha ha….)

My new year resolution I strongly decided to follow in my whole life is that I will definitely think of my hearts pain and will less think about others. On the death bed I don’t want to scream for this…. (Atleast for this, yup…. there are many to scream about…. hi hi)

I don’t want my heart or any other parts of my body to feel unhappy for anything…. You all are awesome and be happy, I accept you all in full dignity…. (That’s great, isn’t it???)

In this point of my life, I can say go with the flow, Don’t overthink(Thats just a waste of time)….

Live your life like this is the last moment….

I know many of you folks have such awesome thoughts, Just share it below….


60 thoughts on “Say NO to people….”

  1. Heartly waiting for ur new ideas sis , hope u like my thoughts too
    God bless u with cute and a happy family and wonderful environment ❀️ ( coz I read all Ur posts 😜)


  2. I mostly don’t say NO , coz it alters people mind whom we don’t know or just met to get offended by us and mostly the word NO , could maximum give too much hurt to a person according to a situation depth , and also mostly it’s a negative word that makes a person to get away with something regretting his inner self confidence to act out ,
    But yah , mostly like u , I transform several negative words like u do from NO TO YO!!! πŸ˜‚
    Coz that’s how we lift up our spirit 🌸


    1. Your name is Nabeel….??? Thats amazing…. My mom was expecting a boy child in my place and thought about gave this name Nabeel and then I came…. tada…. It changed to Nabeela….lol…πŸ˜‚

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  3. It’s always difficult to say no especially to friends and closed ones, but it is good to say no rather than keeping someone in false hope or doing something unwillingly. It feels bad for sometime, but who understands you won’t mind it.


  4. I agree I also find it so hard to say no to people but this year I’ve been trying really hard to focus on my own wellbeing and while I am still a bit of a doormat, I definitely think focusing on yourself and your own wellbeing can help you say no more.


  5. It’s hard for me to say no too, especially to the people I care about. And most times, I get upset when I expect the same from them and end up disregarded, it sucks! But yes! I agree that self comes first. I hope you find victory with your New Year’s Resolution, Nabeela. :) Great post!

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    1. You have nothing good to give the world before you overflow with goodness first …
      Yes , being in equilibrium and balance or the middle way is better as not to be too lenient and not overly meek but neither being so hard or stubborn…
      Saying no sometimes makes healthy distances and sets good necessary boundaries …

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  6. I was raised to be a people pleaser so we are not really allowed to say no. It is one of my favorite words now but I still have moments of guilt when I do use that word. Usually I say no to things I know will only lead me into trouble but you know how it is, when you are nice some people try to take advantage of that kindness. We all have to be careful.

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