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My life in a glimpse…. (Part 2)

How was my previous post??? Did you like it??? I am so excited to share the next part….

My college life was pretty much colorful. I had a blast and no regret guys…. I am happy for each bit of it. I think many of us do…. I got many friends and I understood the real meaning of friendship and bonding from there….

I am in love with my college, Now when I see the old pictures, I used to get an interesting feeling that my colleagues can only accept. I can’t explain it but it is so good.

I had heartbreaks…. fights…. and all kind of usual college stuff…. Thanks to all those who played an important role in teaching me the finest word “LIFE”….

After college, I was pretty much sure about my future. I have to become independent and have to do something related to music.

I wanted to go for further studies with my best friends. We three together figured out an amazing college.

Then comes the drama of my mom with the term “MARRIAGE….”

She wanted me to get married, then do whatever I dream. Being an amazing mom, she was so sure about my character that I will never listen to them if I become independent and go so long for studies. So I can’t blame her.

After a lot more tears, I understood.

I am not going with my friends for further studies.

Sadly I realized that I cheated my friends. They took admission there and they thought, I will join them.

For recovering from that depression, I started working, but it was tearing me apart inside my mind. I couldn’t concentrate in my life for sure.

So whats next ??? Obviously “MARRIAGE….”

I was not ready but it was not in my hand….

In Indian marriage, there are many rituals (Its hell in the planet)….

I was doing something that I was not comfortable. Like interviews, bridegrooms will come with their parents, may be relatives, some times a lot more people…. Uff!!!

And brides have to go in front of them to answer their questions. Such an ugly ritual…. And we have to provide snacks and drinks for them for taking the awful interview.

I hate those bridegroom interviews….

My bridegroom interviews were pretty much good. I didn’t failed in any of them. Ha ha….

And then my marriage happened. I came to United states and life started being normal.

I found my hidden talent of cooking….

Before, in my home, I was being a trainee in cooking with cutting the veggies especially onions and tea preparation.

So this is jackpot for me. I got a whole kitchen and I can enjoy it without any disturbance.

When shazil, my son, came to my life, I learned an amazing and supernatural title called “MOTHER”.

It was a real magic. I found myself from the scraps and then I started writing blogs.

Now blogging have become the part of my life. I am enjoying the end of the day with my blogger friends. May be the writer inside me is smiling a little bit…

My motto is to make a mark before I leave from this world….

I have captured my memories and thoughts inside this….

So how was your blogging story started??? You can share it in the comment box below….

66 thoughts on “My life in a glimpse…. (Part 2)”

  1. I liked your motto . I also hate many Indian rituals like this. But we cannot change anything.
    I just wanted to use time properly in this quarantine. So I decided to start blog and help others with my articles.


  2. Your story, dear Nabeela, has awakened many memories in me as well. My school days, well, in the countryside with a conservative society, were not always happy. My mother had decided for me that I should learn something. To get a good job later and a better, different life, not like them. After her marriage, she gave up her job. She then managed the household and took care of her children. At that time she told a lot about the war, her childhood and much more. She wrote it all down once. Unfortunately, no book was made of it. There was no blogging at the time. She could only ever dream of self-affirmation and self-realization.

    That is why I chose freedom. No family, no children – live without obligations. Now I have osteoarthritis in my hands. Imagine how difficult the simplest, everyday activities become. You always need help. Someone to help you attract you; that helps you cook; manages the budget. Keeping even eating sticking will be difficult.
    At the moment I am still free and can handle everything on my own. But osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. At some point, I may need outside help.
    I do a lot of research on osteoarthritis. In my blog I keep track of what I find out. My blog is my notebook, so to speak. And when I write, I realize that I have understood everything. Sometimes questions arise, so I keep looking. And the comments from others, bring me new ideas and also answers.

    My goal is to remain independent, but also to be able to work. And I hope I can achieve that.

    I wish you the same thing. that you can shape your life as you imagine it. Greetings, Ursula


    1. Thank you so much for your comment…. I can understand your situation…. I have a friend who is in wheelchair and she does everything by her own…. I will definitely go through your blog….


  3. love reading about real people and real stories ….love your blog. My blogging story began after losing my parents in this pandemic. I need an outlet and that I have.


  4. Such a lovely post, I feel like I’ve just learned so much more about you. πŸ’•I also learned a little more about Indian culture! I had no idea about the interviews!

    My blogging story began after being hospitalized for severe depression, coming out of a horrible relationship, and just being lost.

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  5. I liked how you ended it. Well, won’t talk about marriages coz I’m not a fan of it.😬

    I have already shared my story on my 1st anniversary. You may check the blog “My Blogging Story” to know what led me here.

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  6. So u have proved that u have many hidden talents inside u this whole experiences are getting from our life when we r thrown out to certain circumstances,try to explore u r talents and be happy in what u have and i liked u r story very muchπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

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  7. life is so beautiful. You have awesome family. Have a wonderful life ahead, enjoy every moment with family have a wonderful. Take care da.

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  8. Feels good at πŸ’“ reading your blog….tons of college memories ….hope you and family are safe there…lots of love your junior..πŸ€—

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    1. Thank you dear alfna…. It means a lot…. You guys have given good memories in my college life…. I love you all so much…. My dear juniors….


  9. Such a beautiful story Nabeela.
    You’re grateful for each and everything in your life. From your friends to you mum, you respected everyone even till now.

    Then again the best part was to accept the reality of being married and love that life. Your this post teaches a lot of things.

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  10. π•Ύπ–π–—π–Ž π•½π–†π–‰π–π–Šπ–˜π–π–“π–†π–“π–‰π–˜π–“ π•΅π–š says:

    great blog

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  11. “Samoosa runs” πŸ˜‚ Sometimes I wonder where us indians got these weird traditions from and I wonder how the hell it managed to follow us to our respective countries. I’m glad i didn’t go the arranged marriage route and that I am now married to the woman I fell in love with (this is not to say that I didn’t have to jump through those same hoops -urrgh Indian traditons).

    As for my blogging journey, it was something I stumbled upon. I always enjoyed writing but it was more of a personal thing. I am a Lawyer by profession and I was always very opinionated. There were not many platforms for me to share my thoughts and ideas. Social media sucked – many of those people didn’t like to read. I found that they prefer videos, pictures and those sort of things. When i discovered wordpress i came across so many different types of people, sharing different perspectives and I found them to be very opinionated & supportive. I only recently began writing a lot and I’m really enjoying it. I laways hated thew news and how info was so controlled. I prefer personal experiences, etc. N

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  12. It’s pretty much the same story for me too. Just like you, blogging makes me happy. I always think that I should have started earlier. But better late than never. Right? 😊 thank you for the lovely post. It sure brought back memories of the good old college days and the others.

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  13. You can definitely make your mark. As you like cooking, you can start your YouTube channel to showcase your dishes. As you said, you loved music, you can post your music and songs on YouTube channel as well as on blog also. You can do it.

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  14. That was done neat. So you got married early, I’m not a fan of these bride groom interviews, mine happened too that was arranged and it was my first and last. I said ok just by looking at her face. It was a memorable moment 😍. Thanks for bringing back those memories… Motherhood is awesome βœ¨πŸ‘Œ bringing a life and managing is definitely like a God bringing life to earth. I wish I could do that. May be in next life ☺️ It’s good to read your journey from a student then a wife and then a Mom! Now a blogger! You are doing great.. my story started very simple, I wanted to be an inspiration to others and my blogging is helping me a lot. And I discovered I can write stories too ☺️. Have a beautiful day Nabeela βœ¨πŸ’πŸ€—

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