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What makes a person good ???

When I started writing, I get to know many new people and some are my good friends and some are haters…. So while talking with my husband yesterday I was thinking about what makes a person good ???

How to know that you are a good person ???

We didn’t get any conclusion…. So today I am gonna write about some traits who comes in the list of good people as per many individuals….

Who speaks politely….

Some people are evaluated by their talking style. You have to come up with nice words, at least learn some delightful words from dictionary and use it everywhere when anyone ask for an opinion. The flattering words will definitely show the result.


Did they speak like that always??? We all have emotions and mood swings, then how is it possible to approach everyone with a smile and then throw those admiring symbols??? May be they have done enough rehearsals to be a good person. So, do you think they are real???

Behave friendly….

If we go out to some places like restaurants, some individuals will capture our attention with pleasant behavior. We give them a good certificate with 100% mark. But when we check their real history, they may have done some serious crimes. Hi hi….


How did anyone get that ability to display their behavior in a good way. I don’t know….Or may be they are faking it in front of everyone. Do you think it is their real character ???

Innocent appearance….

You say appearances doesn’t matter!!! Yeah, That’s cool. But when you accept a friend request, the first thing that matters is looks. We have set our mind to certain looks as innocent and we don’t believe even though that innocent person have killed someone for real. Are we fools!!!


A grumpy looking person may have a good and kind heart. But many people don’t think that way. What is this innocent look???  Does that look decides one person’s quality….

No bad habits….

This term plays major role while looking for a bride or bridegroom. If that individual doesn’t have any bad habits, then that person is good. First of all, what are the bad habits for common people. Those who consume more alcohol??? Or those who are chain smokers???


Do these things really expose someone’s real character??? What is bad ??? Who decides good and bad??? I am confused….

Being kind outside….

Many people do charity works and may show that in the media and others thinks that they are good. Those who fight against all the crimes and treats their lady with brutality, can still maintain the good person tag. These kind of people only shows what they want to make others to think.


Sometimes when a normal person try to help anyone, then most probably he gets into any trouble. Thats why many don’t do anything even if they cry inside for the needy. The trust between humans should be improved….

My final verdict is “Open your eyes…. Not all you see is good even if they are showcased as the best….” “We all are here for some reason, Do your part in the best way possible, but not to show anyone….”

After reading this post, you may have so many different answers to my questions with your personal experience, then share it in the comment box below….


46 thoughts on “What makes a person good ???”

  1. debatable post Nabeela.. in my experience i have realized that it is impossible to judge based on one’s habit and their attitude towards us on first meet.. Some ppl have been polite but when we get close to them they seem to be a different person…. then the alcohol part.. I am still uncertain on ppl who don’t smoke or drinks are genuine..


  2. Very well written Nabeela. May I add people who have experienced joys and pains in life turn generally out to be good people.
    Cheers and keep writing 🍀🍁


  3. At the end of the day what matters is who stick to you thru your ups and downs and who are just to party.


  4. Authority Trap – We believe more than a simple person to someone with titles, e.g. Dr., Prof.. After all, such additions are adorning. Should refer to intelligence. For a while it was fashionable here in Germany to acquire such titles – for sale or through plagiarism. Some politicians have been debunked.
    but also more recently, pharmacists and doctors have worked together. they have faked prescriptions for drugs. Our health insurance companies then paid money for medicines that were not consumed at all.

    Image care – charity events are organised, funds are donated – the high society would like to show what good people linger under it.

    Personality Marketing – Stories about and about people are told. To make them look good. Or to get attention.

    And it’s nice when people say positive things. Speak non-violently. Smile. rules of the NLP. Today there are training courses, seminars for this.

    Psychologists have recognized exactly what is pleasing to us humans. That is why we fall for all these manipulation techniques. And we can’t look behind anyone’s forehead. Recognize his true person. We can only trust.

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  5. That’s so true! People are soooo good at faking it. I have many examples. Not that I don’t have any bad or negative traits but, faking it doesn’t help. I know some who jave the most friendliest nature with everyone and then while alone talking shit about people. Nobody even believes that this is what they’re. Infact the one who’ll try to reveal the real face gets mocked. Stupid world!

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  6. We can understand the real character of person while we’re in trouble. Some people around behave very well, maybe in their personality and appearance. They also talk very well. But didn’t help us or support us at our bad times

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  7. Good and bad are like coins back face they don’t view things in a same way. Chinese Yin and Yang says there is a good even in bad and vice versa . So its just ones own feeling to identify good or bad. Being humble, kind and honest to own and others is what matters. This is how i see things in real life and business which again relates to coins opposite faces.

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    1. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And who likes to admit who he really is and how he thinks. For peaceful coexistence it is important to show respect, humility. Understand the other and put oneanother into him. Accept him as he is. because we can listen to everything. Nevertheless, we do not have to be like the other.


  8. We can’t judge anyone because of their outer behavior. Good people always try to help when we’re at trouble. They don’t try to impress the people around them. But always try to contribute for the wellbeing of the society. At the same time the fraud people try to impress us with good behavior. But they cheat us.

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  9. Grt topic . It’s indeed true tht we all are packed with good and bad traits consciously or unconsciously sometimes because of our upbringing and circumstances. I guess we all can be good people ,not perfect ,if we get ourselves into the habit of self analyzing ourselves occassionally.

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  10. Thanks so much for posting this!! I think it’s such an important question but like you’ve shown it’s quite hard to answer. Some may seem like a good person with all the traits they display and actually be horrible and there may be someone who seems grumpy but is actually the kindest. I think a good way to judge a person is to see what their values are, but also how they treat their family and people they know as with them they won’t usually be putting up a facade. Thanks for the post xx

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  11. Its tough to judge a person. Most of the time we develop our first impression from the outer appearance. And most of the cases it may lead to a wrong choice.
    The point you wrote “Bad habits”… I am confused too about it. If a chain smoker can be regarded as a bad person due to his/her habit only, whereas numerous times we come across people who do not have any bad habits but possess ill mentality. So it’s really difficult to decide

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    1. Kleider machen Leute – ein Sprichwort. Aber so sind wir Menschen. Wir lassen uns von Freundlichkeiten, Höflichkeiten, Annehmlichkeiten blenden. Es gibt viele Seminare, Schulungen, in denen uns Wissen über Manipulationen vermittelt werden.
      Viele Taten können auch falsch ausgelegt werden. Das ist auch abhängig davon, was wir bisher im Leben in unserem Leben passiert ist. Lebenserfahrungen, Einsichten. Und das alles assoziieren wir auch mit Menschen. Erst mit der Zeit können wir erkennen, wen wir vor uns haben. Vertrauen ist da sehr wichtig. Und die Fähigkeit, dem anderen eine Chance zu geben.


  12. I think what makes a person good/bad is very difficult to pinpoint to certain factors because everyone has their own version of good/bad and what may be a good person to you and I may be a villain to someone else. Personally I think being kind is a really important trait for a good person to have. Great post- very thought provoking!

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  13. Nabeela, thank you for posting on this very important topic. We all have faults and shortcomings and we all make mistakes. Most “bad” people have some redeeming qualities.No one is all good or all bad.

    I think one important way to judge a person’s character is intent or motivation. Why did they act as they did? Did they mean to help or to harm another person by their actions?

    Another way to judge character is empathy. This one is a little more difficult because there are people out there who pretend to be good. Do they try to understand others? Do they truly care about others, or are they doing good works just to put on a show?

    US President Bill Clinton famously once said, “I feel your pain!” People joked about this, but Bill Clinton does seem to have a lot of empathy, running a foundation to help others.

    It is not up to us to judge others. We are just responsible for what we do. However, we do need to evaluate others so that we can decide whether to trust them or not. There are many scammers and con artists out there trying to take advantage of others. We don’t want to become their next victim.

    Stay safe and happy and “Don’t take any wooden nickels (coins)!” Cheryl

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Cheryl…. You have explained it very well…. I totally agree with all these points…. These fake people must understand that there are people out there who actually knows what they are doing….

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