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Confused in choosing a profession ??? Lets discuss your queries here….

Once you complete the 10th standard, the next dilemma is to choose the appropriate subject for further studies


Do we have to look for small span courses which gives immediate jobs (usually in 6 months)

Take a deep breath…. All have to go through the situation…. So you are not alone….

Lets jump into the topic….

How to select the subject after 10th :-

When you finish your 10th, you have to think back and analyse what are your strengths. Did you got any answer? Some may have…. Lets dig deep…. Ask these questions to yourself….

  • What subject grabs your attention ?
  • What subject makes you think to open the book ?
  • What subject seems interesting to you ?

For me, I love to acquire knowledge about science…. I like to collect information about human body, diseases, etc….

Don’t tell me that you love to do instagram or youtube videos. You can do that anytime. But education is important for a better living. Knowledge will make you a better person. Trust me. You will realise this in your 30’s. So its good to know such facts early.

Whatever subject you want to learn, whether it is modeling, acting, science, maths, photography, editing,etc. , you have to build the first step in your path by studying thoroughly your interested topic. Rest of the mastery you obtain in the beautiful journey of experience….

What to do if you selected a wrong subject :-

It happens…. We are human beings, we make mistakes…. You have to learn from that…. Thats the only requirement….

If you have chosen a wrong subject, you can discontinue it and can go for something else…. No emotional drama, please….

Just do it…

If you can’t do that, then somehow complete what you started. Then look for something new….

The 3rd case is my favourite one, Taking time to reach the destination and accept the errors you made…. It’s ok. You still have time….

What always happens is that we takes life as a complicated process. But it’s not. It is as simple as it looks. And no one can stop you from learning new things. You will get your chance to show what you are….

Still confused ???

If you still don’t know what to do in your life??? Start trying new things, even though it didn’t work for you…. You will get into the right track soon….

And since it’s a generation that is influenced by media and social life. Don’t forget to side hustle your passion…. We never know what works in this changing lifestyle….

Some people earn enough from their passion but try to be a better version in whatever you do. Always remember that life is a learning process. We started it from the womb….

I hope that this article has given you some initial information to choose a successful path in your journey. Best of luck!!!


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