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What is the meaning of life ???

There were many situations in my life, where I asked some questions to myself….

What is the meaning of my life???

What is the purpose of my living???

Still I didn’t get an answer…. !!!

But there are many traits of individuals who have different thoughts about why they are living….

Today I am gonna share the various types of people I have seen in my life who have diverse answers for this question….

The Religious….

Some people admit their life as the purpose of worship to one specific God or more than one God. There are many religions around the world and I don’t want to go detailed into that classification (It is confusing….).

From the young age, they may have learnt the criterias to admire their God and they have to follow the rules step by step as part of the worship….

If there is any exams or interviews, they will obey the additional directions given to them. (Does it work??? Not sure….)

Who made the religion??? (Some says humans….)

Is this the aim of our living ???

Do you think we have to follow the rules made by other humans ???(which they call the “religious practice” of that specific religion)

I don’t know….

But I hate the fights due to religious beliefs….

I disagree with the stunts to save the pride of one’s religion…. (What is that pride ??? No idea….)

The money minded….

Another kind of people thinks that life is for collecting money. Banks and other services are there to keep it safe.

They will build a plan in their mind and start working on it even though they don’t know whether they will die next moment or not.

People are dying daily without asking the bank balance and the luxury life style. Many dies with poverty and related struggles.

Why did you accumulate money??? Did it give you happiness???

This currency notes are also made by some humans. They make the rules and others following it. They divided individuals with less currency notes as poor and with more curency notes as rich.

The rich people searching for peace and poor looking for money.

So If the poor succed in that, they can lose the peace of mind


What else they are gonna get after becoming rich???

Who made these classifications???

You might be thinking that without money you can’t buy food and essential products…. Thats right….

Who gave specific price tag for products??? Some humans….

And we have to respect them for controlling our life and making it hectic…. (We are dumb… For sure)

And you guys are busy to beat the wealthy individuals and acquire a certain position in the society.

The fenetic life then ends in between with pressure and tension….!!!

The Travellers….

Many people are not at all interested in getting into any of the above drama and are ready to explore the world till their last breath…. Their prime role is to learn the lifestyle and beliefs of different places around the world. They also can compare the customs with their hometown.

These guys know what is wrong in each place. But do they try to change it ???

Did they raise their voice to avoid the cruelty in their nation???

Naah!!! They are busy in their own life….

The dreamers….

Some individuals comes under this category are aware of what is going on in the world, They want a change, They will dream about it. Thats it….

They woke up from the dream and lose hope. They want a happy world in their dreams…. They are optimistic about,One day things will become better.

But they don’t know whether that date is in the calender or not…. (or it is after the world ends….!!!)

Why do anyone feel that they can’t make any difference in the world???

Why no one accompanies to those who want to do good in the world???

Do we like to suffer till death??? (Or death due to suffering!!!)

I dislike the law being strict for normal people and liberal for wealthy ones. Then why did you made these laws!!! (It doesn’t make any sense….)

I hate when the poor being treated like dolls in the hands of affluents….




These are the categories of humans that I come across in my life and those who have accomplished their reason for living….

Did I miss any traits??? Remind me in the comment box below….

Also share your purpose of living??? 

54 thoughts on “What is the meaning of life ???”

  1. Hey, sister.
    The purpose of life that one should seek is in the giver of that life. The giver of life is none other than the one that created you. One day you and i are going to face dark days. and you and i will question why you and i should keep going on. you dont want meaning of life that is made-up by humans. you want something that is real and everlasting, evaluating from what I sense from what you wrote.
    Can i ask you… do you think that values are real? do you think that beauty is real? when you see someone helping an old man cross the street, do you think it is simply an impulse in your head? or do you know that there’s true meaning and beauty when you see someone helping an old man cross the street?
    If you love someone, do you think that the feeling of that love is simply an impulse? or do you think that it is real?
    My sister, if you think that values, morals, beauty, love, are all read– know that it comes from God– the Divine Reality. If you think that values, morals, beauty, love are all real– know that it is God that created in you the predisposition to feel these things. IF you want meaning, then search in God also.


  2. I also hate people who fight on religion. I don’t understand why they fight. Everyone can follow his religion without interfering in someone else’s religion. I like travelers. The best way to understand life is to travel. I don’t think it is necessary to stay in a country to raise voice for the people and issues. If one is willing to do so he will find his way and he will do it. There are many people who stays in the country and don’t speak a single word against injustice or anything else.

    The purpose of life differs from person to person according to their life experiences. What I have understood is that you must have a purpose in life. An aimless life doesn’t take you anywhere. If you have helped someone or done something for someone in life that will be worth it.

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  3. A very interesting read…prompted me to give my views too. Life is beautiful. Whatever it offers us, we have to strive to make it more meaningful. It’s a mix of the gift given to us by our parents, our aspirations,dreams, our deeds and our accomplishments.

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    1. I will go through it…. Thank you so much for nominating me…. I will write it soon after finishing the two other award nominations…. I will link it back to you, once I finished….

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    1. Yup…. I agree…. From early ages, the informations that collects from the surroundings and the incidents that they come across makes a person to choose his meaning of life…. Sometimes the priorities changes as life goes on…. So the purpose also changes with it….

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  4. I couldn’t help but write a comment on this post. It is a very thought provoking and wonderful post.
    I agree that a purposeless life is a one way street to downfall. Over years I have had an amazing, sometimes very tough journey. It started with one single dream almost 29 years ago as I slept. I saw the girl I would marry and a few more things. It was peak terrorism time.
    Over this period, I have gathered and experienced immense knowledge about things which are less known, but are so essential.
    Apart from other things, one purpose of my life is to disseminate this knowledge. My first book will be published soon.

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    1. I am so happy that you wrote your experience here…. Thank you so much….
      The struggles may have build the person you are now…. We can understand the difficulties of others, if we have gone through a tough life and it is good, if we survived healthy….. Glad that you want to pass the information to others….

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