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Frankenmuth; The little bavarian….

Alexa had told me that it was raining in Frankenmuth, but it didn’t stopped me from visiting the bavarian beauty. So let me share my experience with you….

The showers made us restricted to walk in the town but we enjoyed the amazing architecture through the windows….


There are lots of awesome sights in Frankenmuth which make you fall in love with the place…. I want to share my favourites here….

Bronner’s christmas wonderland

When i stepped inside the Bronner’s christmas wonderland , i got excited when i saw the glance of christmas which is not so far….


Wonderland…., the name itself explains what is inside there…. There are lots of varieties of christmas decorations and gifts…. Inspite of that, we get a spiritual feeling inside….


I bought a pony and a peppa pig from the plush toys department….

Zehnder’s splash village

A wide variety of water plays are inside the zehnder’s splash village…. If you are interested in water games, then it is a huge opportunity for you to enjoy with your kids….


Holz Brucke wooden bridge

Omg!!! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to drive through the wooden bridge…. There was also a footpath in the side of the bridge….


River place shops


River place shops gives you an opportunity to rejoice your senses and hobbies…. Here are those….

  • Frankenmuth Old time photo


If you are inspired with old type fashion dresses and you want to keep it as a memory, then go for the Frankenmuth old time photo studio….

  • I love Frankenmuth


It is a great shopping outlet of clothings, gifts and toys….

  • Game room


There is also a small room of arcade games for the entertainment of your kids….

  • Charlins book nook

This is a place for bibliophiles!!! There is a good collection of books for kids and adults…. I am sure you will get one of your choice here….


  • The stadium

Here you can get various types of board games….


Bavarian belle

If there is a river, then there must be a boating service…. Yup… You can have a nice ride through the river with peace of mind in Bavarian belle….


We had chicken lunch from the famous Bavarian Inn restaurant…. The food was really tasty and their service was very good…. But we have to wait for long to get the food….

Do you liked this post??? Then let me know in the comment box below….

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