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Awesome experience of apple plucking….

Plucking apple directly from the tree and giving a bite…. Omg!!! The real taste of apple is lost in the apples we get from stores….

I had an amazing experience on plucking apples…. In the first bite itself, we can understand the softness…. And the water oozing out from that…. I mean…. vowww!!! I never had such tasty apples in my life….

We had visited Erwin orchards which is nearest to us….

First of all, we have to get the bag for collecting the apples from the counter…. It needs payment….

We can get into their trolley to go to the best side of the farm….


But i suggested to walk through the farm, so that we can wander wherever we want….

Enter a caption

We collected a bag full of apples and meanwhile we tasted each type of apples we got…. There are a huge varieties of apples and each one tasted different….

We had piled up Gala, Honeycrisp, red delicious and fuji apples….

After the apple plucking we entered the cider mill…. There were honey, maple syrup, apple cider and donuts for sale…. We bought a pack of donuts which was in pumpkin flavour….

There were enough place for entertaining kids but since the climate was really cold, we didn’t gazed there much….

There were also a small goat farm but i was not that much interested in that because our intention was only to experience the real essence of the apple from the stem…. And the climate was also not that good so we returned from there early….

Apple tree

So that was about my apple plucking experience….

Do you have similar stories??? Then share it in the comment box below….

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