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New York; The beauty with the brain

I am sooo excited to write about my experience in New York…. I think everyone who visit New York will take that vibe along with them….

New York can be mentioned as the beauty with the brain…. I think it is filled with crowded streets…. And fashionable dresses….

So lets explore New York…. Feel that vibe…. Lets start….

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds wax models

Do you want to see all your favorite celebrities in one place???

Then you must visit Madame Tussauds….

Its difficult to understand the fact that they are wax models. Many of the celebrities are with accurate details. It is located on 42nd street in the heart of Times Square in New York city.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas wax model

Apart from watching your favorite celebrities, they have created a magical ambiance which is really entertaining. Its worth your time and money….

Albert Einstein wax model

The one i liked the most was the mirror magic…. They kept the mirrors in such positions that we won’t recognize the masked people coming towards us.

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Other than these, they have 4 D movies, entertaining shows, Chance to make the wax model of your hands.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry route which is free of cost (Yup, You heard it correct). It is a 25 minutes trip passes through New York city divisions of Manhattan and Staten Island. It operates 24/7 in every 30 minutes gap.

Staten Island Ferry Entrance

Roosevelt Island Tramway

Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial transportation system from upper east side of Manhattan to the Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island Tramway

It passes above the East river following the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. This tramway works from 6.00 to 2.00 am in regular days and 6.00 to 3.30 am on weekends. (Runs continuously during rush hours)

Roosevelt Island back and forth capsules

That was a beautiful experience of flying without wings….

Statue of Liberty

Do you know how huge is Statue of Liberty??? You all know about that…. But when you get closer, you just can ‘t believe your eyes. The effort behind it should be appreciated.

Statue of Liberty view from Ferry

It is situated in Upper New York Bay on Liberty Island. We can reach there by ferry ride. This ferry can take you to the nearby Ellis Island which is nearby the Liberty Island.

Statue of Liberty entrance

You can obtain a complimentary museum/pedestal ticket along with the ferry ticket by which you can climb till the pedestal. Those who want to get into the crown have to purchase a special ticket.

Statue of Liberty

Cameras and medicines are allowed to take inside the statue. Remaining backpack, we have to keep in the lockers provided. After exploring the statue, you can get into Ellis Island with ferry ride where you can see the museum (I didn’t got time to go there).

9/11 Memorial and Museum

I never felt sad to visit any place but this one made me cry. This is a museum made in the memory of September 11 attacks and World Trade Center bombing. I went through the memorial pool where the names of the deceased people in both attacks are written.

9/11 Memorial pool

Lets take a moment to pray for all of them….

Times Square

A crowd of people, Lots of shining advertisement boards…. Does it make you happy??? Before exploring the Times Square, I was thinking like this…. But the vibe that we get there is amazing. Once you reach home, you will feel so happy that you made it. It gives a positive energy which we need always in our life.

Times Square

I think its our brain who becomes happy with that awesome ambiance.

Times Square starts from west 42nd to west 47th streets, It is at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. 

Top of the Rock

New York is a modern beauty but if it is not seen from the top, how can you say that???

So lets fly to the 3 level building observation deck where we can enjoy the real beauty of sunset in the New York. It is located in the Rockefeller Center, where you can get the tickets and can take the 70 floored elevator to the open air roof deck.

View from Top of the Rock


From the 50th street entrance, you can get the tickets. On entering the building, first thing you notice will be the Joie Chandelier comprising of 14,000 crystals.

Next level is the Mezzanine Exhibit where you can get information’s about the Rockefeller Center. Then you will meet with the Theater where you can get a short video about the history of Rockefeller Center

Now get ready for the elevator ride up to 850 feet above street level. You can see an amazing Radiance Wall while walking which is comprised of various types of glasses.

Next you can visit a room of colored lights which is the favorite of kids, Breezeway. The specialty of this lights is that, it will follow your steps….

View from Top of the Rock

Then finally you will reach the upper open view of New York….

I want to know your interesting experiences in New York…. Share it in the comment box below….




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