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Death of humanity….

I don’t know where the humans left??? All i can see around is creatures who feed in money. People have forgot about the purpose of life….

These creatures will sympathize to those who have any severe disease but don’t think that he will also die next day, may be in an accident or worst than that….

These creatures will blame system but they forgot that this system is also created by one of them….

Our purpose of life is being human…. We are losing our humanity for sake of money and fame…. Some people forget these things because they are busy in building in their own lives…. They are busy in getting their dream job….

Did making lots of money can give you any achievement in your life if you forgot humanity??? Never….

Being a human is not at all easy…. I am not talking about those creatures who do certain good things not from their heart but for publicity…

I am talking about those humans who may not be in any limelight but have a good heart to be a helping hand for needy…. Those who feel happiness in other’s smile…. Those who cries genuinely inside their heart for others problems….

I am happy if I am surrounded by humans…. I don’t have to be scared about anything…. I don’t have to be worried about to raise my kids safe…. Money can’t give that security but humans can give….

So try to be that human…. If each one try to be a better version of them, then no one will dare to touch humanity….

We have to protect our humanity and our moral values…. That should be our pledge….

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7 thoughts on “Death of humanity….”

  1. Even though human values are vanishing. There is a group of people with values. I have seen during my worst period of my life. There is both kind of people. All we can do is avoid bad people and stay close to the good ones


  2. When you go through many different hard ships be it circirmstances beyond your control.
    The majority of us parents or humans is that we want our children to grow up in safety , with understanding , our family has never been about money , but about each other sure you need money for the basics and the occasional treat. I just would be happy if my children friends and family are happy, we have lost very many family members over the last few years. No money can take the place of them or the riches they as people brought to our lives ❤️


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