Light Show

Big bright light show…. Rochester….

Its the season of lights and celebration since Christmas is on the way for a blast…. But you don’t have to miss the light show of Rochester which is already started….

Captured the Light show closely….

So lets begin with some questions in your mind….

First of all what is this Big Bright Light Show???

The buildings of the main streets of Rochester hills will be illuminated with millions of glimmering holiday lights which is called as the “Big Bright Light Show.”

Where is it???

It is in Downtown Rochester, MI 

When is it???

It starts from November 25 and extends till January 5, 2020. Usually it will begin at 5 pm in the evening till midnight.

Whats special this time???

This time they have mentioned that they will expand it to new blocks and also they will add giant snowmen, a Santa train, carolers, nutcrackers and an ice skating family. They have told that there will be a Santa booth and we can get a message from him.

It will be fun, I guess….

If I get a chance to go this time, I will definitely give you the updates.

Now I am gonna share the slide show of my last year visit to the Big Bright Light Show….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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