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How to survive in work from home difficulties….

Due to this pandemic, many people started working from home, mostly office job holders. Certain people are enjoying their life but some others are struggling to complete their work. 

Today I thought about to discuss about work from home struggles and how to manage it.

Functioning from home will cause certain difficulties, even if you are single or with family….

What are they???

Lazy mornings :-

If you are a person who wakes up on time daily, may also slip out from the pace during this time. Since you need not have to travel, you will think about to take that extra time for sleeping or spending time with friends(in social media) or family. But as days passes that time span will become more and you may start missing the scheduled meetings.

Change in food habits :-

When we are at home, the main advantage is to eat good food and have it whenever we want. If we don’t take care, there is a chance to get fat easily. Our food habits will definitely change when we are available at home always. In spite of taking food 3 times, we may start to have snacks in between meals.

Lack of energy :-

Many people may continue with their workout routines at home, to improve their energy level. I have seen people making time for their favorite sports to play in their lawn. But many individuals will spend their time inside home due to the fear of the pandemic. It may lead to lethargy.

Lack of proper routine :-

Different people have varying daily routines. Some may love to follow their pattern even if it is at home, but there is a possibility of many individuals to switch to inconsistent regimen. Some may fail to take bath in the morning. These poor routine may eventually result in difficulty to concentrate in job.

Influence of social media :-

When we are at office, we can’t go through social media and other websites all the time. But if we work from home, most probably we will check other stuff like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Whats App, etc. It may become a habit to explore phone during work. This will reduce the productivity of your job.

How to manage work from home struggles :-

  1. Motivate your mind to wake up at a specific time in the morning.Doing this daily will make a good change in your lifestyle.
  2. Do some stretching exercises in the morning. You can stick with simple ones but remember to execute it everyday.
  3. If your uptake of food is more, then make changes in your menu to go for a healthy diet.For example, if you ate heavy meal for lunch, try some light food in the evening. You must include vegetables in your diet and drink sufficient water.
  4. Try to take few steps inside home in between work or do some stretching.Go for a walk in the evening if you can. This will also benefit for digestion.
  5. Build a daily routine and follow it properly. This is good for a healthy life. Your body will praise you for this.
  6. Try to overcome the habit of checking your phone always and its better to talk with your friends and family in the free time. This will make you feel better.Schedule time for checking social media rather than looking it all the time.


Don’t forget to read my blog…. And share your valuable comments below….. It makes me happy…. You can also add your work from home mantras in the comment box….









39 thoughts on “How to survive in work from home difficulties….”

  1. Nice Post.

    One of the top distractions when you work from home can be your kids or spouse.
    When the kids are running around, watching television, talking loudly or fighting with each other, it can be difficult to get any work done. A spouse may try to come and talk to you about critical issues or things that aren’t important at all.
    Some of the top distractions when you work from home can be other household duties that need to be performed


  2. Now i think this has become a responsibilty for u come with very useful topics and tips that will help others in this pandemic situation,keep going its really good.


  3. Good post with valuable information. I know from past experience that working from home is not as easy and straight forward as one might think.


  4. I work from home normally, so at least that isn’t hard for me lol. It is extremely hard on my husband though, and I hate to watch him suffer.


  5. Those are some pretty great tips that you’ve highlighted. Although I don’t work some of those tips would work to help motivate me to study whilst I’m home.
    The struggles you’ve highlighted about staying at home, I can agree to everyone of them xD Especially the one with the good food thats fattening me up real nicely and the social media!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think of my writing for my music blog as a kind of working from home, and like you point out in your post, I am too easily distracted by many things, especially the internet and constantly checking my social media accounts. It’s a tremendous waste of my time and makes me far less productive.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s such a challenge working from home – I find that I’m so much more efficient and productive when I go to the office. Something about being in this comfort zone, being around family and conveniences that add to the difficulties. Plus my sleeping patterns have become so unusual. I can think better in the privacy of my office especially when I need to do drafting or intricate work.

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  8. My staff have been able to work from wherever they have an Internet connection for years. The problem many of our staff are running into during lockdown is having kids and spouses at home working and trying to do online classes, the competition for bandwidth, devices, and places to work without major distractions. My wife is teaching classes online, and many of her students go to parking lots of nearby colleges to get better band width and participate in classes from the privacy of their cars. It’s an interesting dynamic including all the issues you listed.

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  9. Working from home is not efficient as working from office. However try to make it 75-90%. The main advantage of wfh is, we can save the travel time to the office, spend more time with family. Need to make sure “work from home” not becomes “work at home”

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