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Sneak peek to lockdown life….

Lockdown have changed our routines and we are living a life that we never imagined…. Is it difficult??? Yes, It is…. Are you happy??? Well, we don’t know….

Today I thought about to tell a story about a guy who is working from home during this pandemic….

When I talk about this guy…. He is well planned,intelligent and he is willing to face anything in his life….


Alarm ringing at 9 O’clock with embarassement….

Jack is still not satisfied with the snoozing button…. He looked into the alarm and whispered himself…. “The meeting is at 9.15 am, I have enough time to get ready….”

Suddenly his phone started singing, with the display name “Devil….”

“Who is calling at this time, I will miss my 10 minutes sleep….” Jack said in anger….

Being an extremely talented guy to attend the call with eyes closed, He asked “Who is this???”

After hearing the reply from the person, Jack jumped from the bed and opened the laptop…. From his face, we can extract the disappointment of missing that 10 minutes sleep….

He started working on the issue that his boss pointed out…. Then from inside someone started crying and he felt a burning sensation….

“Oh god, I am hungry…. It is already late, There must be some left over from yesterday. Bounce to kitchen, Hop, Hop, Hop….! ” Jack pampered to his tummy….

He reached in the kitchen with less than one second (Or he felt so)….

Sad song playing in background….

Jack realized that he had finished all the food at previous night itself….

After returning back to his laptop, he got an idea….!!!

“I can order food from the restaurants….” Jack said….

He checked all the websites and yelled…. “Why there is no restaurants open in the morning….”

He started working with a dull expression….

After a while, he looked into the clock…. “Oh my gosh!Its 10.55…. I can’t hold my hunger more….”

He checked the refrigerator…. Refrigerator felt ashamed and switched off the light as a remark of sadness….

He thoroughly made a search inside the kitchen and Alexa played the song “Yeah, You got that yummy yum, yummy yum….”

Jack followed the steps of Justin bieber and screamed with joy….!!!

“I found it…. I found a piece of bread….” He ate it and get back to work….

After half an hour, He understood that his stomach is not happy with his performance….

He got another idea….! I can buy groceries online…. And then I can cook something fast…. Without lossing any time, he ordered the essential items….

He frequently checked the status of his order in between the meetings….

“The order is ready….Hurray….!!!” Jack said with happiness in his heart….

The client asked for some help in the meeting call…. And he completely forgot the topic they were discussing…. Somehow he managed it with little assistance….

After the meeting, he washed the required utensils to begin cooking….. He checked the status….

“Oh shit!!! It is delayed…. What I am gonna do now….?”

He even switched on the flame….!!!

With a completely depressed heart, He checked the restaurants again….

There comes the savior….. Masala kitchen is open….

He ordered the food…. Within half an hour, he got the food and also the groceries….

His tummy started hoping like a bunny…. He had the food and went to sleep….

Mail box made a peep in happiness with the message….”Your afternoon meeting is cancelled….”

His phone tried to remind his works…. But no one heard the vibration of the silent mode….

The end….

How is your lockdown life ??? Share your story in the comment box below….

Some of my friends asked me to include my drawings…. So this is for you guys….


If you liked it, Please let me know in the comment box below….




22 thoughts on “Sneak peek to lockdown life….”

      1. My mom used to draw with me when I was a kid. I pestered her to draw cars and trains and buses. She still laughs talking about those days with me.
        Those are one of my fondest memories.
        Does he draw with you?


        1. He will try to do something…. Moreover he end up on drawing with colors in his hands…. Thats fun….
          Good to know about your memories…. So your mom is talented….


            1. Yup, I do…. But now my son have finished all the water colors…. I am helping myself with pencil sketch…. And it seems interesting for me nowadays…. I love to make cartoons…. still working on it….

              Liked by 1 person

  1. You have a great artist inside you ✨✍️👌Well done. Loved the way you narrated about lockdown, it’s the reality for many people😂✨ Enjoyed it! Have a beautiful day ✨🤗💐


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